How to convert Vodafone 2g to 3g Vodafone zoozoo 3g ad


3g has been launched by Vodafone across India, and it has started its promotional Zoozoo ads on tv. Quite often seen during the Cricket World cup match the 3G super hero zoozoo character flies and saves people from trouble.

3g Data Plans for smartphone users
Rs. 100 – 100MB
Rs. 375 – 500MB
Rs. 850 – 3GB
Rs 1250 – 5GB
Rs. 500 – 500MB + 500 Minutes talk time + 500 SMS
Rs. 1000 – 1000 MB + 1000 Minutes talk time + 1000 SMS

Not surprised that Vodafone didn’t launch any unlimited plans, with all the Fair Usage Policy controversy surrounding airtel I guess they’ve decided to play safe

in order to convert your 2g number to 3g sms ACT 3G to 111 from your vodafone number

Check More Plans and Info at

Vodafone zoozoo 3g video Super zoozoo

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  1. amit rai at 8:45 am

    How to convert Vodafone 2g to 3g Vodafone zoozoo 3g

  2. jesse heisnam at 5:13 pm

    After conversion of 2G to 3G,is 2G internet recharge applicable?

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