Awful looking Miss India Universe 2011 looses again want to know why

Awful looking Miss India Universe 2011 looses again want to know why

No offense to the Miss India Universe contender but don’t you think the judges are selecting imperfect looking models for the competition these days. Here are the various contestants which were available as a better option but the judges chose her. Her facial features doesn’t seem to be that attractive neither does her figure. Though there are many factors which decide which model is to be selected. Vasuki Sunkavalli was chosen as the Miss India Universe but she failed as expected no one could ever think she would win with those kind of looks.

Earlier, the 27-year-old Vasuki Sunkavalli was disappointed as she could not pose in her national costume because it was not delivered on time. I think even with the best of costumes she had no chance. The Miss Angola who has won the Miss Universe 2o11 has thousand times more chances than she had. Her face is just not that pretty for a world wide beauty contest.

vasuki sunkavalli miss universe 2011 bikini

I seriously doubt the abilities of the judges who select these models. She is 27 years old, the oldest contestant in I am she contest. Why will you give a granny chance to compete at international level. Don’t you think this brings shame to the nations talent that our models have.

Miss India 2011 contestants I am she
Her dressing style and her looks failed to impress the judges at the contest.  Apart from that she is too thin she needs to put on some extra kilos. If there is someone to blame its the judges and not the contestant alone.

Since last so many years all models which have been selected look average and not as good as the earlier beauty queens like Aishwarya, Priyanka Chopra, Celina Jaitley look. They don’t tick the mind and heart of viewer. I hope the people really see that this is about country’s pride and if they can’t make right judgments they should not send people with the tag of “India” attached to them and should just use their personal names. Because people say, Miss India lost rather than saying certain model lost.

Priyanka Lulla 2011 Miss India Contestant

Now look at Priyanka Lulla she is so pretty why in the world would you think of giving someone else like Vasuki a better chance than her. This is a beauty content not a rhyming or singing contest the better looking girl should be given chance.

(Above mentioned are authors personal opinions.)

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    • ramukaka Author at 3:01 pm

      country’s pride is at stake anyone would be suspicious when such awful looking candidates are selected are you some how related to the contestant

  1. fdeen at 6:25 pm

    its about brains and leadership ability. it’s not a beauty contest as people still think.This author is into light skin, and is shallow, and probably won’t ever come close to being like any of these women. her thighs are not even thick. shallow shallow shallow

    • ramukaka Author at 6:49 pm

      there are many beautiful contestants in India and if you think Indians have big nose probably you are not aware of the diverse culture and geographical locations in which Indians live. This differentiates our facial and physical features one from other. We might be different in physical appearance still we are a part of integral India. The author is lucid and aware of what he intends to speak, though his words are harsh and emotional rather than being rational. Probably you misread the articles intentions which say that there were better looking contestants than she was. If you have so much affinity to this contestant then its your problem.
      Its a beauty contest and the most beautiful person should be selected that’s the crux of the article.
      You should look at Kashmiri or Punjabi girls who probably are the most beautiful.
      Also about light skin and more i would say that her facial features were not as good as the other contestant who actually won the contest, possessing much darker skin tone than her. Her chances of winning the contest were meager.
      I am an Indian and was heart broken to see that the hiatus of failures didn’t stop.
      If you think she is good looking probably your scale of beauty needs amendments as ex winners like Aishwarya, Priyanka Chopra and Shushmita, Lara Dutta, Dia Mirza, Celina Jaitley, have set a benchmark probably where this contestant failed reach.

  2. fdeen at 6:33 pm

    it’s also rare to find an indian without a big nose. big nose, represents all India ,it’s a perfect representation. stop being wannabe whites. Ashwarya has white people features, no indian looks like her, she should not represent india. indians are dark, and have big noses. the winner should represent true indians, not whites. only whites have thin thighs.

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