Most Beautiful Currencies from around the World

costa rica currency

Currencies are symbol of any country’s prosperity and culture here are some of the most beautiful currencies from around the world. Depicting flowers, animals, nature and various geometric designs which is the most beautiful is hard to say.

Faroe Island

10. Faroe Islands (Kronurs)

The Faroe Islands currency has a crab design on it. The far North Atlantic country is about  between Iceland and Norway, have a bleak windswept beauty, and the people have great character.

Iceland currency

9. Iceland (Kronurs)

Showing the culture of Iceland the currency note from Iceland depicts a lady with a hat. The model for this striking fashion statement is Ragnheiour Jonsdottir. She lived 1646-1715 and was most noted for being the wife of not one but two successive Icelandic bishops, though she was also a celebrated seamstress as well. That’s Ragnheiour teaching a couple of students on the back.”

hong kong currency

8. Hong Kong (Hong Kong Dollars)

Hong Kong, has one of the most spectacular geometric design on its currency notes. The design suitably fits the never sleeping life of Hong Kong. it’s an example of a trend in paper currency toward major-league complexity, the better to thwart would-be counterfeiters.

Cook Island Dollars

7. Cook Islands (Cook Island Dollars)

Mermaids have always been man’s most encapsulating beauties. Cook Island’s currency shows a woman riding on a shark. The islands are about halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, with no high-rise hotels or resorts, and mercifully few tourists to junk things up. Come to think of it, that shark looks sort of blissed-out, too.”

New Zealand Dollars

6. New Zealand (New Zealand Dollars)

“Sir Edmund Hillary, is seen on the currency of New Zealand the 5$ currency note in this picture. This is the Most Rugged Outdoorsman on world money, with his weather-crinkled eyes, windblown hair, and open-throated shirt casually askew. Even the color suggests the lifelong tan only acquired by someone who at 33 was the first to stand on top of Mount Everest in 1953, who led the first successful expedition to cross Antarctica via the South Pole in 1958, and who climbed to the source of the Ganges River in the Himalayas in 1977.This is pretty heady stuff for a man whose first occupation was as a beekeeper.”

beautiful currency

5. Comoros (Comorian Franc)

Island nations have one of the most beautiful currency notes here is one from Comoros, located on the Africa’s east coast, north of Madagascar. The Comoros were controlled by the French for 130 years before gaining independence in 1975. The peaceful, dreamlike quality of this image, with its ghostly superimposed suggestion of a nautilus shell, may be a bit of wishful thinking, since the Comoros’ history since independence has been a stormy one riddled with coups.”

switzerland dollars

4. Switzerland (Francs)

Here is currency from the world’s most beautiful country Switzerland. The back of the 100 Franc bill, shown here, might at first seem to be a still from a new remake of “Night of the Walking Dead,” but no, it’s actually a tribute to Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), and the figures are some of his signature works.”

beautiful currency

3. Sao Tome & Principe (Dobras)

Birds animals and nature is what makes a really beautiful currency here is an currency from a nation the Gulf of Guiana, off the western equatorial African coast, these volcanic islands bill bill themselves as “Paradise On Earth.” It could be: Splendid beaches and fascinating wildlife, including the endemic Sao Tome kingfisher (Alcedo thomensis) pictured here.”

beautiful currency

2. The Maldives (Rufiyaa)

“A true beauty, this bill is from the Republic of Maldives in the Indian Ocean, a chain of about 1,300 islands and cays scattered for 500 miles southwest of India. Beyond fishing and collecting coconuts—the centerpiece on this bill—there’s little livelihood, and Maldives is one of the poorest countries in the world.This is doubly ironic, since cowrie shells (shown as part of the decorative border along the bottom) were the world’s first international commodity-currency, and the Maldive Islands were their primary source.”

french polinasia currency

1. The French Pacific Territories (Franc)

Another beautiful currency bill from an Island country. This currency is from French Polynesia. But then the islands encompassed by the territory pretty much define paradise: Tahiti, Moorea, Bora Bora, Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, made part of our imaginative landscape by artists and writers such as Paul Gauguin, Robert Lewis Stevenson, Somerset Maugham, Herman Melville, and even Jimmy Buffett.”

Source:- CNBC

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