Doga Ansh Comics Doga Unmulan Series

Doga Ansh is the latest Doga comics from Doga Unmulan series. It is a 25 page comics and celebrates the 31st year of Raj comics. The story of the Doga Ansh comics starts in Doga’s past. A boy named Suraj who works in slums and gutters to earn is daily living, he is an orphan and weak after earning some money after hard day’s work he heads to buy some food where goons snatch his money he tries to fight back and hides away but the money he had earned is torn and shopkeeper refuses to give him food, having no option left Suraj steals a packet of bread. Continue reading

Absolute Joker & Luthor storyline, cover 2013 DC comics

Absolute Joker and Absolute Luthor are a collect of a box set which has 2 volumes or two comics in total. Most of the websites fail to mention this so when you goto a shop like me and buy a single comic book don’t be fooled.

The box set has 2 books one is Absolute Luthor and one is Absolute Joker. The Brian Azzarello’s tells the of story of Joker as he has has released from Arkham Asylum and he is annoyed all his money and property has been sold. Continue reading

Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1 story Batman Vs Superman

Injustice Gods Among Us is based on the popular video game which aimed to show the clash of the powerful super heroes from the DC Universe, what will happen when Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and everyone else starts to fight among each other and that in Mortal Kombat style. The comics follows the story line of the video game. The graphic novel of Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1 collects issue 1-6 and was released on Nov 13 2013. What happens when the god of strength the Superman gets angry. You have seen him destroy planets in some comics now see how he will even fight the Gods like Zeus in Injustice.

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No Man’s Land Super Commando Dhruv comics pdf

No Mans Land is the latest comics from Super Commando Dhruv’s Balchartira series written and drawn by Anupam Sinha ji. He has been the artist for Dhruv comics since its evolution way back in the early 80’s and 90’s the first comics being Pratishodh ki Jwala where Dhruv is shown to have been born in Jupiter circus which catches fire and he is as a young child becomes orphan, but he is found by Commissioner Rajan Verma who takes him as his son and his wife loves Dhruv as his own son, they both have taken care of Dhruv since that day and he has always treated their daughter Shweta as his own sister who is plays the role of Chandika. The reason why I am telling you this is because the No Man’s Land comics will take you back to the origin story of Dhruv.

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