Jessica Jones Marvel comics Tv Series Krysten Ritter Netflix

Marvel Comics’ Jessica Jones, a costumed superhero and based on Alias, one of the most famous and favourite among comic lovers is now available in the online video streaming website Netflix, with 13 episodes. Written by Brian Michael Bend is from 2001 until 2004, the comic series is basically about a costumed superhero woman named Jessica Jones who’s a private investigator solving mysteries but stumbles upon a villain who screws up her life so viciously, that he gains psychological advantage over her mind and makes her commit horrible crimes. Comic lovers will remember her as a regular character throughout the New Avengers series, from issue 1 through to its final issue #34 (2010 – 2013).

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Deadpool part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers #0

Deadpool Gangnam Style

So it’s finally out… with many Marvel characters kept apart from one another, they can now interact with one another in the pages of Marvel Comics. Now, with the introduction of a revamped all new set of their comics and ravishing story lines that are surely going to grab many-a-eyeballs, avid comic fans are in for a special treat. Most of the characters have been shuffled, put together in teams and new partnerships formed. Above this, the Deadpool has been made an Avenger as well, OFFICIALLY!! Continue reading

Flashback Dhruv Comics in Hindi

Flashback dhruv comics

Flashback is new Dhruv comics and the second part of Hunters from the Baalcharit series published by Raj comics. Till now you have seen that some unknown killers have been trying to get their hands on the container which has something of great value from the Jupiter circus. Circus where Dhruv was born. These villains have Uncle Jacob a childhood caretaker and well wisher of Dhruv under their grips and are torturing him to know the where abouts of this locker.

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Hunters Baal Charit Series Dhruv Comics 2015

hunters dhruv comics

Baal Charit series is the series started by Anupam Sinha who is artist and author of many Dhruv and Nagraj comics. This series stars Super Commando Dhruv, and goes back in the life of Dhruv. The story seems to be inspired some what from the Batman’s new 52 Vol 1 I would say the villain did look like the Night of owls villains. The story takes us back into how Dhruv’s past where a gang of professional killers is out looking for stuff from Jupiter circus and seems to have captured the old relative and friend of Dhruv, Uncle Jacob. Also in this mishap is Shweta who is injured fighting these extremely dangerous professional killers. Continue reading