Sanjay Saleem Comics Sanjay Saleem Aur Chinese Addey ki Tabahi

Sagar Saleem comics

This is a really old comics from 1970′s from the Manoj comics collection. As you are aware Manoj comics is no more published. These were some of the initial heroes from Manoj comics much before Ram Rahim came up. Yes Ram Rahim were quite a hit and popular among comics fans because of their abilities and specially with Rahim’s mechanical hand they had become powerful super heroes. There are not much Sanjay Saleem comics available on the net. Here is one of them in cbr not pdf format for download. Manoj comics was out of the market due to low sales and competition. Also with the advent of computers and internet people and young generation lost their interest in comics leading to the losses in the comics industry. Currently the biggest seller of Hindi comics is Raj comics after which comics Diamond.
These Manoj comics are no more published and come under the category of rare comics, if you find them on olx or scanned some where on the web you can read it or buy.

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