Pictures from inside the pyramids of Egypt

September 7, 2009

pyramid inside pictures

Pyramids have never failed to amaze us, built by the kings of Egypt during their life. A pyramid was supposed to be their resting place. Egyptians though the Pharoh would return to life someday so they kept their bodies mummified inside those tombs but even the pyramids were looted by grave robbers over the years and only few pyramids have valuable things and art masterpieces to offer to us.

Here are some pictures from inside the pyramids

inside tomb

Pictures from the Tomb of Tut Ank Amen

pyramids pictures

inside the pyramid, egypt by _QuiDam EsPELeTia__.

Stairs inside the pyramid
Inside Of The Pyramid Again by Orodreth_99.

inside the pyramid of Cholula

Inside Of The Pyramid Again by Orodreth_99.
Inside Of The Pyramid Again by Orodreth_99.
inside snefru 3rd pyramid 2 by girldiplomat.
 Inside the main chamber. The modern stairway leads up to another chamber above which held the sarcophogus of snefru. 
inside the pyramids
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