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Top 5 Online PNG to PDF Converters

You can find that most of the scanned documents are in the PNG formats that you need to be converted in the PDF file before making an edit on them. You can find different PNG to PDF converters that allows you to save a PNG as a PDF file within no time and free of… Read More »

Battle of Saragarhi Fort, Soldiers Photos, and Real Story

Saragarhi has become a buzzword in Bollywood and even Hollywood nowadays. With movies like Sons of Sardaar, Kesari made, this place and its enigma has captured the minds of everyone. So what is the real story about this obscure, unknown battle, and what does it signify? In this post, let us have a look at… Read More »

5 tips for a Low Budget Trip – How to travel on a budget

There are five major things that determine the overall cost of a trip but if you are low on budget and still wish to keep your travel dreams alive I have some tips to help you plan your next low budget trip. These are the factors which I feel make or break any travel itinerary.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 Legendary Super Saiyan Kale

If you thought Broly was coming back to Dragon Ball you were partially correct. Infact there is a new legendary super saiyan in town with the green hairs and white eyes. Watch the Dragon Ball Super Episode 93 for this entire story. This time it is a small tiny girl named Kale from Universe 6… Read More »

Bianca Bree daughter of Van Damme Hot Pics

Bianca Bree (Bianca Brigitte VanDamme) born 17th October 1990 is the daughter of the famous actor, Jean-Claude Van Damme. She has worked in several movies like The Shepherd, Six Bullets, etc. In 2012, she said that she wished to make her own career rather than using the name of her father.

10 Google Chrome hidden tricks, tips

Everything now treads in Internet – every aspect of our life is being connected to the world of Internet by that small app which we call ‘Browser’, and Chrome to be more specific. The most used Internet browser in the world currently, we use a miniscule part of this power amp which is otherwise much,… Read More »

10 Worst Dictators, Military rulers in World History

The great Greek philosopher Aristotle remarked “Politics is the noblest profession”. Karl Marx remarked “Democracy is the road to all well-being”. Well the world has witnessed such great people, and has also witnessed such dictators who have known only one way to rule as long as they wish: Kill and perish opposition, repression and ruthlessness… Read More »