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Top 20 Patriotic Song Videos from Youtube

Top Patriotic songs from Bollywood in Hindi, here are some of the best patriotic songs dedicated to Independence day and Republic day of India. India got Independence on 15th August 1947. Millions of Indians layed their lives to help India gain freedom from the Britishers. India which was once known as the golden bird was… Read More »

Coca Cola new Brrr ad in hindi video

Coca Cola has created another cool ad involving its brand ambassdor Imran Khan. Where a teacher is sitting in a class and Imran Khan enters from the side window. After seeing him he drinks Coca Cola and starts burping Brrr ad seems to have become popular.

Liger hybrid of Lion and Tiger Biggest Cat in the world

Have you ever seen a carnivorous animal bigger than a Lion I guess not. Here is Liger bigger than a Lion and fast as a tiger. Ligers are a hybrid of a Lion (Male) and a tigress. They are larger than their parents and they have similar genus but they are of different species.