Top 20 Patriotic Song Videos from Youtube

Top Patriotic songs from Bollywood in Hindi, here are some of the best patriotic songs dedicated to Independence day and Republic day of India. India got Independence on 15th August 1947. Millions of Indians layed their lives to help India gain freedom from the Britishers. India which was once known as the golden bird was looted several times, attacked but still we are one and united. Here are some of the best songs of patriotism dedicated to Indians. Top 20 Patriotic songs. After the sacrifice of millions of freedom fighters and innocent Indians the nation was freed from the hands of the English Empire. These songs remind us of their sacrifice and toil which our ancestors had to do to build a better nation. I hope these songs bring new life in all of us and help us get back to becoming the golden bird the nation once was.

Aao baccho tumhe dikhayen

Aao Bachon tumhe dikhaen Jhanki hindustan ki is an old classic patriotic song of black and white era where we are told about the country’s diverse regions, people and culture.

Hum Layen hai Tufan se

Hum Layen hai Toofan se kashti nikal ke is another black and white patriotic song where kids are told to about the country and future of India is in their hands they should work hard to keep its pride high.

De di Azadi hamen bina

De Di humen azadi bina khadag bina dhaal is the Patriotic song sung by a female character in the movie where we are told about the great leaders and men who have helped India gain Independence.

Ay Watan

This is another patriotic song where listeners are told to bow to the great men who helped India in the fight of independence.

Chodo Kal ki Baatein

Choodo kal ki batein is the song where we are told to look at the future and forget the mistakes we did in past. The problems faced have ended now we can make our country better.

Mere Desh ki dharti

Mere desh ki dharti is a patriotic  song where the actor tells the audience how great is the land of India where people of bravery and courage are born. A place where land is filled with gold and precious things.

Jab Zero diya mere Bharat ne

Yeh Desh hai Veer Jawano ka

This is a really popular song which is often heard at various occasions where the singer is saying that India is a land of brave men and courage.

Ay mere pyare watan

Dulhan chali

Apni azadi ko hum

Ab tumare hawale watan

Yeh jo desh hai tera

Jine naaz hai hind per

Vande Matram

Jaha Daal daal per

Ay mere watan ke logo

Dil Diya hai jaan bhi denge

Ab ke baras

Mera Rang de basanti Chola

Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna

Taqat Watan ki

Ek Sathi aur bhi tha

Enjoy these amazing patriotic songs.

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