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Rare Hindi comics, which can no more be found in Indian comics market these are rare Hindi comics published earlier in the 80’s 90’s. You can also find some latest Hindi comics from Raj comics, Diamond comics etc can be downloaded from their store or read online in HQ pdf. Get Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv and Chacha Chaudhary comics.

Kachra Peti Doga comics story read online

Kachra Peti Doga comics read online full story published by Raj comics in Hindi. This is the first part of the Raktkhatha series of Doga, presented by Sanjay Gupta, Vivek Mohan and Dildip Singh from Raj comics. The story of Kachra tells the origin of Doga or Suraj when he was a child. The story… Read More »

Angara Comics Collection list of all Angara Comics

Angara comics is an amazing story of how animals are being tortured by humans and how their jungles are being destroyed. Angara is one of the first super heroes from Tulsi Comics along with Jambu and Tausi. The story of first Angara comics was written by Parshuram Sharma, drawn by Pradeep Sadhey and edited by… Read More »

End Game Dhruv Comics story read online download PDF

Super Commando Dhruv’s latest comics is End game. It is the last part of the Bal Charit series. डेड एन्ड सुपर कमांडो ध्रुव कॉमिक्स बल चरित समापन अंक डाउनलोड करें. In this comics series Dhruv has to fight a dangerous group called hunters. Which has separated his family and every one close to him, including… Read More »

Dead End Dhruv Comics Download pdf Bal Charit

Dead End is the second last part or part 5 of the Bal Charit series from Super Commando Dhruv comics published by Raj comics and written and designed by Anupam Sinha ji. The story of Dead End comics continues where it left of in the previous issue No Man’s Land. People are talking about Hunters… Read More »

Injustice Year 4 Vol 1 Story Review

  Year 4 begins with a setting of Olympus – a kingdom whom very few believe to be existing, and still fewer seen it.. but Olympus is hardly the magical folklore that many believe it to be – inhabited by numerous gods. Ares and Hercules discuss situation on earth. Hercules remarks that he would never… Read More »

Doga Ast Final Part of Unmoolan Series Doga Comics

  Doga Ast is the final part of the Unmoolan  series of Doga comics, the 8 part series started with Doga Nirmulak. Where we come to know more about Doga’s past where he used to live in slums. One day he meets a young boy named Ansh while he had stolen a peace of bread… Read More »

Injustice Year 4 Vol 2 story explained

Injustice Year 4 Volume starts with Batman and Damien battling each other. This is the longest running series in the DC history. Meanwhile Batman- Damien duel continues with Batman hit with a baton, but still trying to pacify his own son that he’s the most skilled fighter in Robin costume. But Damien screams “Don’t say… Read More »

DC Rebirth Explained sequel to New 52 storyline

Many have been curious, cynical, sceptic and even predicted complete overhaul of DC through their latest venture that everyone is talking about – the Rebirth. Rebirth is essentially a revolutionary change brought about by DC comics to account for the cultural, social and ethical changes that generations have undergone since the time DC established its… Read More »

Darkseid wars story review Justice League vol 2 #40

Darkseid wars brings forth one of the most dangerous and enthralling fights in the history of new 52 series. The story revolves around the king of Apokolips Darkseid who is said to be the most powerful villains Superman has ever faced. The story starts with Justice League (Volume 2) #40 and is ongoing. You will… Read More »