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Rare Hindi comics, which can no more be found in Indian comics market these are rare Hindi comics published earlier in the 80’s 90’s. You can also find some latest Hindi comics from Raj comics, Diamond comics etc can be downloaded from their store or read online in HQ pdf. Get Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv and Chacha Chaudhary comics.

Batman Death of the Family New 52 story

Batman Death of Family Vol 3 Death of Family carries on the story of Joker, where he has come back from his hiding in Gotham and is now targeting the Bat family, he has gone so far as to harm Harley Quinn as well. Here is the part of the story from the book.

Doga Ansh Comics Doga Unmulan Series

Doga Ansh is the latest Doga comics from Doga Unmulan series. It is a 25 page comics and celebrates the 31st year of Raj comics. The story of the Doga Ansh comics starts in Doga’s past. A boy named Suraj who works in slums and gutters to earn is daily living, he is an orphan and… Read More »

Injustice Gods Among Us Volume 1 story Batman Vs Superman

Injustice Gods Among Us is based on the popular video game which aimed to show the clash of the powerful super heroes from the DC Universe, what will happen when Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and everyone else starts to fight among each other and that in Mortal Kombat style. The comics follows the story line of… Read More »

No Man’s Land Super Commando Dhruv comics pdf

No Mans Land is the latest comics from Super Commando Dhruv’s Balchartira series written and drawn by Anupam Sinha ji. He has been the artist for Dhruv comics since its evolution way back in the early 80’s and 90’s the first comics being Pratishodh ki Jwala where Dhruv is shown to have been born in… Read More »

Kshatipurti Nagraj comics Kshatipoorti or Shatipurti

Kshatipoorti is the new comics from Raj comics Atankharta series of Nagraj, it is the 200 edition. As you know Nagraj has been decimated in the previous and the crime around the world has risen. The people who were scared of Nagraj are now roaming free and doing criminal activities. Friends of Nagraj, Nagu, Sheetnag,… Read More »

Doga Nyay new doga comics Unmoolan series

Doga Nyay is the latest comics from the Doga unmoolan series by Raj comics. The story revolves around a new contract killed named Nirmoolak a guy powerful enough to beat Doga single handedly. In this 3rd part of the series we find that Doga who is annoyed with Monica or Lomdi is out on the… Read More »

Jessica Jones Marvel comics Tv Series Krysten Ritter Netflix

Marvel Comics’ Jessica Jones, a costumed superhero and based on Alias, one of the most famous and favourite among comic lovers is now available in the online video streaming website Netflix, with 13 episodes. Written by Brian Michael Bend is from 2001 until 2004, the comic series is basically about a costumed superhero woman named… Read More »

Deadpool part of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in Avengers #0

So it’s finally out… with many Marvel characters kept apart from one another, they can now interact with one another in the pages of Marvel Comics. Now, with the introduction of a revamped all new set of their comics and ravishing story lines that are surely going to grab many-a-eyeballs, avid comic fans are in… Read More »