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Rare Hindi comics, which can no more be found in Indian comics market these are rare Hindi comics published earlier in the 80’s 90’s. You can also find some latest Hindi comics from Raj comics, Diamond comics etc can be downloaded from their store or read online in HQ pdf. Get Nagraj, Doga, Dhruv and Chacha Chaudhary comics.

Flashback Dhruv Comics in Hindi

Flashback is new Dhruv comics and the second part of Hunters from the Baalcharit series published by Raj comics. Till now you have seen that some unknown killers have been trying to get their hands on the container which has something of great value from the Jupiter circus. Circus where Dhruv was born. These villains… Read More »

Hunters Baal Charit Series Dhruv Comics 2015

Baal Charit series is the series started by Anupam Sinha who is artist and author of many Dhruv and Nagraj comics. This series stars Super Commando Dhruv, and goes back in the life of Dhruv. The story seems to be inspired some what from the Batman’s new 52 Vol 1 I would say the villain… Read More »

Narak Aahuti Narak Nashak Nagraj 2015 Comics

Narak Aahuti is the latest starring Narak Nashak Nagraj, Origin series. This comics series aims to throw a new light on the advent of Nagraj on how he was born and how Professor Nagmani raised him to become a supervillain but how did he become a super hero he today is still remains a mystery… Read More »

Nano Super Commando Dhruv Comics Story & Review

Super Commando Dhruv’s new comics is Nano priced at Rs 50 this is a 48 pages comics. The story is about a creature who has powers made of nano machines. Much like the GI Joe where nano creatures try to take over the world. Even the Super Commando Dhruv’s very own Commando force becomes evil… Read More »

Narak Nashak Nagraj Comics Narak Naashak

Narak Naashak Nagraj comics (Narak Nashak) is the story written by Nitin Mishra and Penciled by Hemant Kumar. The comics tells the story of Nagraj’s past from a different angle we have never seen before. The story starts from the side of Professor Nagmani who finds an extra ordinary snake which is an ichhadhari snake… Read More »

Prem Pariksha Bankelal Comics

Prem Pariksha is new Bankelal comics which revolves around funny character Bankelal and his king Vikram Singh. Each time Bankelal tries to over throw the king he fails, this time again he has plotted to eliminate Vikram Singh. In this latest comics Prem Pariksha which is available on Rajcomics store for download. The plot of… Read More »

Ravan Doga Comics Download Buy Online

  Doga is action hero from Raj comics he is brutal and finishes most of his enemies. Doga can be compared to Punisher who uses guns and his physical strength to overcome bad guys in his city of Mumbai. Here is Doga’s latest comics Ravan Doga. Doga who hides his face behind a mask is… Read More »