Narak Nashak Nagraj Comics Narak Naashak

Narak Naashak Nagraj comics (Narak Nashak) is the story written by Nitin Mishra and Penciled by Hemant Kumar. The comics tells the story of Nagraj’s past from a different angle we have never seen before. The story starts from the side of Professor Nagmani who finds an extra ordinary snake which is an ichhadhari snake and his venom to be one of the most powerful he has ever seen before in a search for these snakes he heads towards an island, where he saves a priest from an attack. This priest was guarding a temple and a child. The priest was wounded and hands over the dead child to professor Nagmani.

On his way back to the lab Nagmani does various experiments on the child and somehow brings him back to life. Finding that this child has extra ordinary abilities and a venom far more dangerous than that of any snake on earth he decides to keep this child and train him. This child grows up to be young Nagraj. Nagmani names him Raj and starts to send him school and give him some basic training of martial arts.

Though he has evil intentions but he is shown as a benign father who tries to give moral support to the young Nagraj as he grows up among kids who dislike his abilities.

Nagmani decides that it is time Nagraj or young Raj should study at home, he is also trained by a martial arts teacher who gives him the knowledge of good and bad.

Nagraj is shown to fight bad guys and save Nagmani from attack of some goons in the ending part of the comics. Which shows how Nagraj used to see Nagmani as a father figure in the early days of his life.

Nagraj is depicted as a slim boy, much like his first few comics which were published in the 80’s-90’s.

Nagmani is narrating this story to a group of evil villains much like the story of the comics ‘Maine Mara Dhruv Ko’ series. The drawing in this comics is great and you can easily interpret the story without much effort. The story will continue in the second part called Narak Niyati, where we will find out more about Nagraj’s younger days.

Questions like how Nagraj was turned into an evil guy fighting against good in the early days and who was the girlfriend of young Nagraj.

Overall this is a great comics to read and has about 80 pages mostly filled with drawings and less words as the new Raj Comics format is supposed to be.

Issue No: SPCL-2534-H
Language: Hindi
Author: Nitin Mishra
Penciler: Hemant Kumar
Inker: Eeshwar Arts
Colorist: Shadab Siddiqui, Abhishek Singh
Pages: 80

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