Flashback Dhruv Comics in Hindi

Flashback dhruv comics

Flashback is new Dhruv comics and the second part of Hunters from the Baalcharit series published by Raj comics. Till now you have seen that some unknown killers have been trying to get their hands on the container which has something of great value from the Jupiter circus. Circus where Dhruv was born. These villains have Uncle Jacob a childhood caretaker and well wisher of Dhruv under their grips and are torturing him to know the where abouts of this locker.

Flashback continues where it left in the previous issue that is Dhruv fighting a magician named Giligili during his fight he recalls his childhood memories where he used to learn hynotism from the circus magician. The comics also features his mother Radha who some how comes from no where to save Jacob. She has her body covered with bandages and shows excellent fighting skills. Most of the comics pages are just a buildup of something big, this is where the recent Raj comics have compared to the older issues, usually it was the other way round earlier comics used to work as an envelop where every page used to show up something new about a villain or a story rather than confusing you beyond your imagination. I think the best digest comics of Super Commando Dhruv was Hatyara Kaun and Maine Mara Dhruv ko. This two part series sold like wild fire and was very well written. I hope this comics ends up on a similar note for now this comics ends up with Radha being uncovered and Dhruv still has to meet her, while there is a new character named Vakra who has come to claim the container after the failure of Ulluk and Giligili the magician. He looks much like Vega from the street fighter series and is shown in a bull fight with his dad. The comics is again well drawn by Anupam Sinha and is sure to be popular among his fans. The next comics in the series is No Mans Land

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