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Popat me jaan bankelal comics

Popat me Jaan or Popat mein Jaan is new Hindi comics from publishers Raj comics starring the hilariously funny hero Bankelal. As you are already aware that Bankelal lives in a fictional city of Vishalgarh. Bankelal is stupid but always tries his wit in order to take over the throne and kill his king Raja Vikram Singh. A pure hearted person who is saved from all the evil and mindless tricks Bankelal puts on him.

In the latest comics Popat Me Jaan writen by Tarun Kumar Wahi and Anurag Kumar we find that Bankelal comes to know about the secret of Vikram Singh. Bankelal sees that Vikram Singh is quite generous to his pet animals and has even made a temple for them. These pet animals include, a peacock, horse, elephant, monkey, and a cow. They are treated like royal family members, this ticks Banke’s mind. In the meanwhile a old lady named Dai Ma enters the story, she had protected Vikram Singh when he was very young by changing his son with him, enemies of the royal family slained Dai ma’s son thinking him of Vikram Singh.

Dai Maa may look generous but inside she wishes to take revenge from the king. Bankelal comes to her and tries to please her so that she may reveal some secret of the animals Vikram is protecting. He comes to know that Vikram Singh’s life is encapsulated among these animals and if they die Vikram Singh will also die. Bankelal’s comics then takes a sudden turn probably first time he has killed so many animals if people from PETA come to know about it they might get annoyed. Any how he puts an end to the animals but some how Vikram Singh survives. The story again takes a turn when Dai Ma is found to have an evil spirit inside her body. The story continues to finally have an happy ending.

Overall the comics was well written and well drawn, if you compare the comics with the old comics of Bankelal you might not find it very funny but if you compare it with the recent releases of Raj comics store you will find a great improvement in the story line. The future of comics is bright and if comics like these are still on I am sure kids will love to read it. I felt this comics was a 7 out of 10 rating wise. Though personally I would love to see some free gifts with Banke’s comics like stickers, tattoos etc. This will further increase the sale of Bankelal’s comics

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You can buy the comics from Raj comics store here ==> http://goo.gl/oEPY48

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  1. Akbar

    Nice Story I am a big Fan of Bankelal comics.

  2. aryan

    good modified from old tales ..
    bankelal is a very good character of rc. liked it. bahut khuraphaati hai

  3. raghaw

    nice I like Bankelal he is my favourite hero, I will buy the comics today.

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