Narak Aahuti Narak Nashak Nagraj 2015 Comics

Narak Aahuti is the latest starring Narak Nashak Nagraj, Origin series. This comics series aims to throw a new light on the advent of Nagraj on how he was born and how Professor Nagmani raised him to become a supervillain but how did he become a super hero he today is still remains a mystery in this origin series. What we know from the past stories is that in the earlier version of Nagraj, he was brain washed by Nagmani and became a villain but is found by Guru Gorakhnath who hypnotizes him and instills good morals into him after which he starts to fight global terrorism. All this story is taking place in flashback as Professor Nagmani narrates the story to the criminals of the world who wish to see Nagraj dead. The story also seems to be hiding two Nagraj probably identical twins which we are yet to find out.

In this comics we find out how Nagraj has to give over her girlfriend and her Girl friend’s father is none other than Shankar Sehanshah. The story has been running in last 3 comics and has become a bit complex you need to have all three prequels to get an idea about this comics. Raj comics has been trying to revive Nagraj with all new mini series like Atankharta Nagraj and this origin series but with little success, nothing has been able succeed as much as the stories and drawings of Anupam Sinha ji who is one of the famous artist from Raj comics. I feel the problem is with the story line which are very uninteresting.

Overall the drawing and story line seems to be good but not very engaging.

Issue No: SPHB-2578-H
Language: Hindi
Author: Nitin Mishra
Penciler: Hemant
Inker: Vinod Kumar, Eeshwar Arts
Colorist: Shadab, Basant, Mohan
Pages: 128