Star Sports Mauka Mauka latest UAE Ad from Cricket World Cup 2015



Start Sports came up with the new and funny ad at the start of the World Cup showing that Pakistan had never won a world cup and it was a chance for them to beat India in the 2015 Cricket world cup. A guy is shown with the carton of firecrackers to be waiting to light them but unfortunately even this year Pakistan failed to defeat India. Next up in the series of Videos was a South Africa and India, where two players from the South African team ring the bell at the door of the fan and hands him the carton of fire crackers saying that they have a mauka to win against South Africa. India had never won against South Africa in the 3 world cup encounters that it had before 2015.

But after today’s win Star Sports came up with another ad where the fan meets the UAE players and is handed over the UAE tshirt, now UAE has the chance to burn firecrackers.
The innovative ad really seems to be picking up and the fans are loving it.