15 year old Noa Mintz makes half million dollars a year from Babysitting business

By | February 24, 2015

The 15 year old Noa Mintz from New York USA, is a daughter of a rich fund manager. She was inspired to start her own nany business called “Nannies by Noa“, on baby sitting after she had grown up with below-par nannies herself.
One day her mother joked her that she should start her own business and which she did.
Her father is the registered owner, and the company is worth $2.5 Billion.
According to her mother, Noa is a born entrepreneur, from the age of six or seven she was always trying to start these mini companies.

Noa would reach out to her mother’s friends and ask them to be the consultant for birthday parties.
According to her mother, ‘It’s not a hobby for her, this isn’t a lemonade stand.’


Noa who started her business in the year 2012 has hired a CEO for her company who is 11 years older than her.
Allison Johnson said that it was a ‘bit of a challenge’ to work for and negotiate terms with a child.
But she was 14 and I am a feminist and I really support women who do things for themselves.

According to Noa, “her mom went through a lot of nannies and had a lot of discussions  after which they came to a conclusion that the agency she was working with didn’t know what a New York nanny was. … It’s sort of a vibe”

Since she had a first hand experience with nannies she knew what kids wanted in them. So she went out to start with her family friends and with time people came up to help them and the business grew.

Video source tvnews youtube channel

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