Doga Ansh Comics Doga Unmulan Series

Doga Ansh is the latest Doga comics from Doga Unmulan series. It is a 25 page comics and celebrates the 31st year of Raj comics. The story of the Doga Ansh comics starts in Doga’s past. A boy named Suraj who works in slums and gutters to earn is daily living, he is an orphan and weak after earning some money after hard day’s work he heads to buy some food where goons snatch his money he tries to fight back and hides away but the money he had earned is torn and shopkeeper refuses to give him food, having no option left Suraj steals a packet of bread.

He runs as fast as he can when he hits Ansh, another small boy of his age finding that Suraj is empty stomach he takes him to his home to offer some food. Unfortunately his father who is a criminal and has decided to leave the group in shot at the same time along with his mother on seeing this horrific incident they both make a run for their lives.

The criminal who has killed Ansh’s father and mother is Yusuf, we can see him in future comics. We are again taken back to the present time where at the police headquarters the officers are concerned that Doga is killing criminals and they are not able to provide them security. Where as Nirmulak the contracted killer is in a meeting with Yusuf the gangster where he refused to undertake a harmful business deal, but Nirmulak says that this will be helpful in letting out Doga.
The story again moves to the part where people are being asked how they feel about the recent actions done by Doga, and people have not left faith in him. Recently Nirmulak has been killing people disguised as Doga.

A female reporter who has been sneeking into Doga’s past and has been trying to uncover his mysteries is visited by Lomdi, who is actually Monica. She comes to warn her that she might be in danger and leaves the place. Just as she leaves Doga enters the room and starts to beat this reporter hearing her voice Lomdi was not very far off comes in crashing the window to her surprise the person who has been attacking the reporter is not actually Doga but Nirmulak, who is trying to defame Doga.

The comics has some great drawing which even suprases the earlier comics of Doga series, printed on glossy paper the quality of comics have improved over the years allowing the comics to stay in your cupboards for longer time. The drawing in this comics has been done by artist Dildeep Singh, writer of the series is Mandar Gengle, the coloring by Shadab Siddiqui and Abhishek Singh is also applaudable. Over all the Doga Unmulan series is doing way better than the last surviver and Survnayak series run by Raj comics. The story is very crisp and to the point. You can download the comics in pdf or cbr format from Rajcomics store.
We are giving away a free copy of Doga Ansh comic to those readers who leave a positive comment here, the best comment will be sent this book.