Kshatipurti Nagraj comics Kshatipoorti or Shatipurti

Shatipurti Nagraj comics

Kshatipoorti is the new comics from Raj comics Atankharta series of Nagraj, it is the 200 edition. As you know Nagraj has been decimated in the previous and the crime around the world has risen. The people who were scared of Nagraj are now roaming free and doing criminal activities. Friends of Nagraj, Nagu, Sheetnag, Saudangi and the others are unable to stop the criminals.

They are in desperate need of Nagraj. We find as the story opens that a group of school kids are kidnapped by some bad guys, their teacher and some kids are fatally wounded and Nagraj’s friends are unable to save them. Just then Nagraj comes back and the story ends in a suspence we need to find out how and where Nagraj came back from. The drawing and story line looks good and will keep the users busy for more.

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