Doga Nyay new doga comics Unmoolan series

Doga Nyay

Doga Nyay is the latest comics from the Doga unmoolan series by Raj comics. The story revolves around a new contract killed named Nirmoolak a guy powerful enough to beat Doga single handedly. In this 3rd part of the series we find that Doga who is annoyed with Monica or Lomdi is out on the streets after a fail surprise birthday party given by her.

On the streets he is attacked by Nirmoolak and badly injured just when Doga was about to be fataly wounded Lomdi comes in and save Doga, and beats Nirmoolak who runs to save his life. But he will be back in the mean while Lomdi carries the wounded Doga to the gym where Adarak Chacha is shocked to see the condition of Suraj. Read the comics to know the complete story. You can win a free copy of the comics by commenting below.

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Pages: 32
ISBN: 9789332424944
Language: Hindi
Colors: Four
Author: Mandar Gangele, Sudeep Menon
Penciler: Dildeep Singh
Inker: Vinod Kumar, Ishwar Art
Colorist: Shadab Siddiqui
Rs- 40.00