Kachra Peti Doga comics story read online

Kachra Peti Doga comics

Kachra Peti Doga comics read online full story published by Raj comics in Hindi. This is the first part of the Raktkhatha series of Doga, presented by Sanjay Gupta, Vivek Mohan and Dildip Singh from Raj comics. The story of Kachra tells the origin of Doga or Suraj when he was a child. The story as usual is full of violence and shows us the reality of the cruel world around us. Where people are running for money. Kachra Peti comics can be downloaded from Raj comics store or read online from any of the websites online. Here is the full story of Kachra Peti along with its review.
The story starts of with a man beating up a child because he wants to get the ancestorial money which is currently under the child’s possession once the kid dies the uncle will get all the money. A man with a metallic hand grabs the kid by the neck and throws him on the glass table wounding him badly. The child is then thrown in a garbage bin or Kachra Peti to die. Although by luck the child is still alive and is found by Doga. Child despite his poor health is in anger and wants to take revenge against those who have killed his father and brought him to this condition. He asks Doga to take him to the haveli rather than the hospital so he can take his revenge. But Doga understands the situation and takes him to the gym for medical attention. There Doga is reminded of his own story and tells the kid how he also had a wounded childhood. A dacoit named Daku Halkan Singh was on the run from the police to save his life he takes a kid hostage and runs away. This kid was none other than Suraj who later became Doga. Suraj was thrown in the garbage but Daku Halkan took him under his custody and threw him with the dogs as he felt the boy was lucky for him and should be left alive rather than killed.
The dog under which Suraj was been taken care of was Kali who protected the child from other dogs and also took care of the young kid. There was an old man who was also prisoned by Daku Halkan Singh his name was Suryavanshi Thakur Baba. Daku Halkan used to take money from his family for keeping the man alive. What happens next how does all this inspire the little child and will the little child who Doga has come to see in the hospital give up on taking revenge find out in this comics series. Published by Sanjay Gupta, pages 32. Kachra Peti, Meri Sonu, Balidan Tumhara, Kuttapanti are some of the parts of this series.