Dead End Dhruv Comics Download pdf Bal Charit

Dead End is the second last part or part 5 of the Bal Charit series from Super Commando Dhruv comics published by Raj comics and written and designed by Anupam Sinha ji.
The story of Dead End comics continues where it left of in the previous issue No Man’s Land. People are talking about Hunters who are a secret group of people led by Vakr and they wish to get their hands on Uncle Jacob’s box which is hidden inside a bank locker.
The story starts with the office of commissioner Rajan Mehra who is sitting in his office with chief security officer Mr Dadwal talking about the hunters when he is dropped from the window by some invisible force. Now the comissioner is under the scrutiny and the murder is blamed on him.
After knowing the story girls in the house Natasha, Shweta, Black Cat and Dhruv’s new sister Twisty start to talk about Twisty’s past. She tells that she was born and brought up in a hostel and has seen her mother just once. She tells that Dadwal was his caretaker throughout his life and was working on the secret mission with the hunters. They wanted to get their hands on some secret formula to help them become invinsible. This is when the girls come to know that Twisty is the sister of Dhruv, while they are looking for Radha who is the mother of Dhruv, Black is looking to take revenge of her father’s death from her.
Super Commando Dhruv who is the main hero in this comics has been in the sidelines throughout the series, and now he is in coma inside the hospital, this is the low part of the story where 90% of the time we see Dhruv living his life in the past when he was a kid and was in Jupiter circus. In the state of coma Dhruv recalls how he used do mischief in his childhood and three people who were originally part of the hunters group and had come to kill him become his trainers and save his life from the bad guys.
We are again taken back to the current time where the members of the Super Commando Dhruv’s commando force Karim and others find themselves stranded on a place where hunters live. They are disguised as common people. As they discussing how to connect with the outer world through the hunters communication tower, someone named Shikari already destroys the entire communication tower. Karim then finds a bird and sends the message by talking to it.
Next few pages go in the same way as Dhruv is trained by various people when he was young, and all of a sudden comes out of coma.
In the end Dhruv finds a locker with some documents from his past life. Random people keep coming and start fighting for no good reason in the comics and hence it becomes very confusing to understand what is going on in the comics.
In the last few pages we find Radha who comes to save the life of Mathesh of Hunters from some tree man who has been trying to kill him.

Overall an average story though the drawing is very good the story has been stretched too long, half the pages are filled with Dhruv’s mischiefs when he was young. Rest is filled with random masked people fighting each other for no reason. If you want to know the entire story you should buy the last part End Game which is for 250/- rupees and has 150 pages.

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