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Angara comics is an amazing story of how animals are being tortured by humans and how their jungles are being destroyed. Angara is one of the first super heroes from Tulsi Comics along with Jambu and Tausi. The story of first Angara comics was written by Parshuram Sharma, drawn by Pradeep Sadhey and edited by Pramila Jain.

The comics starts with how some American explorer ship lands on what they think a a deserted island called Angara island in Indian ocean. They want to establish a military base on this island. Captain Jackie who is leading his troops asks his men to scout the place and find a safe place to start a camp, although as soon as they enter the woods they are warned by a unknown voice exclaiming that the island belongs to the animals and they should leave immediately. The soldiers think it is some kind of a joke from someone and try to find the person behind it but there is no one out there in the bushes.

The American soldiers are ordered by Captain Jackie to continue to unload the containers and keep the search lights on in case of any emergency. The soldiers are then ordered to prepare food as they will scout inner parts of the island in the morning.

On the other hand in some other part of the island we find that a gorilla is holding a meeting with other animals. He calls himself the law minister of the island and says that the island is called Angara island.

He is speaking in human tongue and so are other animals including a lion, elephant, vulture, fox and others. He tells the animals that an Indian doctor named as Kunal had first come to this island and with his brain surgery allowed these animals to talk in human language.

He tells the animals how they used to fight amongst themselves and Doctor Kunal came in and helped them live together in peace. After these American soldiers have landed on this Angara island changes of peace are very slim they wish to make this an army base so they can attack on India.

All animals of the Angara island decide to attack the army camp of American soldiers who have just barged into their jungle but they are stopped by the Doctor. Doctor Kunal rides an elephant and heads towards the base camp. He is stopped by Captain Jackie. The doctor asks them to leave the island quietly as it is a haven for animals but the captain refuses to do so and orders his soldiers to capture the doctor. Seeing there leader captured the animals attack the camps of the American army officers and cause havoc. But in front of the machine guns and modern weaponry the animals do not last very long. Many of them lose their lives. A ship which is there in the waters is attacked by a large whale. Doctor is freed and meets the other animals. Doctor says that this way all the animals will lose their lives. He needs to do something.

The fox tells the doctor that they are ready to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of other animals. The doctor comes up with a genius plan. He takes all animals inside the mouth of a whale and on a different island. He he decides to merge several animals and create a super human. This super human being is called Angara.
Angara has the brain of the fox, skin of rhino, eyes of a vulture, heart of a lion, strength of an elephant. This way Angara is born. The doctor and Angara then decide to leave for India where Angara is trained by an army officer called Colonel Thapa in various martial arts and weaponry. Angara is then sent back to the island to take his revenge of the American army officers who tried to bring down his island. What happens next can be read in the second part of the comics called Angara ki jung.

Here is the list and covers of all Angara comics published till date.


Angara Antriksh Men

Angara Bauno Ke Desh Men

Angara Gayab

Angara Hawamahal Men

Angara Hi Angara

Angara Ka Aatank

Angara Ka Anokha Dushman

Angara Ka Bhukamp

Angara Ka Chakravyuh

Angara Ka Double Cross

Angara Ka Inteqam

Angara Ka Janmdin

Angara Ka Khatra

Angara Ka Khel

Angara Ka Kohram

Angara Ka Mahasangram

Angara Ke Teen Dushman

Angara Ke Do Dushman

Angara Ke Pujari

Angara Khatre Men

Angara Ki Chot

Angara Ki Takkar

Angara Ki Waapsi

Angara Tibet Men

Angara Tilism Men

Azadi Ki Jung

Angara aur Balara Ki Rajkumari

Bhayankar Angara

Angara aur Bhooton Ka Raja

Angara aur Bichhua

Angara aur Boksha Ki Takkar

Angara aur Bulldog

Bulletproof Angara

Chakkar Par Chakkar

Champion Angara

Angara aur Charlie Ka Bhoot

Angara aur Charlie Ka Chacha

Angara aur Charlie Ki Hitlist

Angara aur Chilli Ki Agnipariksha

Commando Dragon

Commando Number One

Double Angara

Ek aur Ek Gyarah

Ek Do Teen

Gajab Angara

Great Angara

Angara aur Hawa Ka Beta

Angara aur Hurdang


Angara Jangara

Jai Bolo Angara Ki

Angara aur Kala Baagh

Angara aur Kala Daanav

Angara aur Kala Parvat

Angara aur Kangaroo

Angara aur Khatre Ki Ghanti

Angara aur Khooni Bheriya

Angara aur Khooni Darinda

Angara aur Kohre Ka Pret

Mahakaal Angara

Mahayodha Angara

Operation Angara

Angara aur Panchmukhi

Angara aur Pisach

Angara aur Raat Ka Badshah