Gemini Horoscope 2011 Astrological Prediction


Gemini is denoted by the Symbol Twins and people of Gemini Zodiac are born from May 22 to June 21. Here is 2011 Gemini Astrological Prediction and Horoscope.

Gemini Horoscope 2011 (May 21- Jun 20)

People born in Gemini are independent, the Great Communicator, indecisive, intellectual, skilled at multi-tasking, talkative and provocative, but sometimes they are also selfish, Restless, confused personality, it is difficult to be precise. You are looking at a year in which the path is fairly clear, so you can find some peace. You make important decisions about your future path and intimate relationships. You will certainly feel more successful in the first months and last year, sitting on top. However, there will still be confidential matters, financial and emotional, that require your attention and, sometimes, making you feel held back. New choices are possible and those are spontaneously directed toward developments that bring you closer to your goals. And despite the turmoil that will be intense at times, your staff is seen easy way out of your entourage, and his influence. You will also have more spaceto live this year.


There were some attacks of his career, but the overall economic situation is not affected. Keep the head, doing his job, and do not be afraid to blow your own horn. Make a point to let those responsible know exactly how much you achieve, the person does not sabotage undermined their efforts to you. In other words, Gemini watches, if the road is clear enough that you can find some peace.Your-cash transactions, and it seems easier in the first 6 months 2011th aspects Uranus and Jupiter can also alleviate the Angels of life and burden of specific problems in the past four years. Effect of mercury together to deepen their lives in 2011. Some bad things happen, more power to you.

Love, Family and Social

To exercise illusion is easier and you believe in more at points, common sense, logic and truth, mainly. This is no lie, you can assess your situation and do a few good results for all. Gemini Horoscope 2011Love predict that your partner will be lighter than last year, so more about it, learn how and why there are reactions, which sometimes really do not understand. Free Gemini Horoscope 2011Love shows that you are tired of writing complications of love that seems to ultimately return to waste time and happier. 2011Love Gemini Horoscope predicts that provides in the period from April to August 2011 Venus Pulse a good basis to fight for you. relational work opened up new opportunities, it is the right time to hit the door, especially if you have an occupation in dealing with customers.

Education and Travelling

You have great intelligence, wisdom and courage, so nothing is impossible for you if you stay on track and sincerely pursue their mission. general term for education in 2011 are very good. May there be an attack in the first year of his career, it would be good to brush up their skills. Participation in the conference to learn the latest applications and enables the controller that you are interested in remaining a step ahead. Relax and sometimes break the fall. Take a long vacation – you deserve it. You are mentally very alert and very curious. You will experience changes in teaching interest. He participated in study abroad will be successful. Remember that slow and steady wins the race at the end.


Health wise there will be some ups and downs, so it is wise to the top of all the areas that will help you. Do until the last minute essential items, such as making doctor visits. Check and check-in, so you can quickly solve problems when they occur. Fortunately, you have a fantastic support staff around you that you can rely on when you need help. Just do not be afraid to ask what need.Those Gemini have a health problem, you get some rest this time. In October 2011, there was no evidence of health-oriented, but it would be better not to take for granted. Changing attitudes in common time. positive attitude, and preventive health care will bring enormous relief from suffering.

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