Mafia wars St Patricks Day collection how to get Mafia wars items

Mafia wars st patricks day

The popular MMORPG on facebook Mafia wars is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and the limited edition gifts collection are out, there are seven items one can collect during the mafia wars game. These items can be collected by completing jobs and winning fights, or by completing special jobs from the St. Patrick’s Day Dublin Derby. Here is the list of St. Patrick’s Day limited edition gifts from Mafia wars.

Mafia wars st patricks day
Here’s a list of items and how to find them:

Mafia wars st patricks day

Irish Flag: Dublin Derby job
Green Fireworks: regular job
Lucky Pint Glass: win fights
Leprechaun: regular job
Green Bowler’s Cap: regular job
Pot of Gold: win fights
Bag Pipes: free gift from Mafia Wars friend

When you’ve rounded up all of these items, they can be vaulted for an Irish Wolfhound, with 48 Attack and 29 Defense. No word yet whether you’ll be able to vault this collection more than once.

This St. Pat’s Day collection is almost identitcal to the Valentine’s Day Massacre promotion.

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