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Bahadur (meaning The Brave) was the name of a comic book hero published by Indrajal Comics and created by Aabid Surti in 1978. Aabid Surti was at that time freelancing for Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.. After he moved on, Jagjit Uppal took over the task. The artwork was illustrated by Govind Brahmania and later by B Pramod.

The comics were published in various languages including Hindi, English and Bengali. Besides regular comics, the series was also featured in dailies and weeklies along with other comic heroes.
Bahadur Bandit chief
Bahadur Challenge of Witches
Bahadur Golden Tower
Bahadur Kungfu Kings
Bahadur Massacre at Sitapur
Bahadur Secret Assignment
Bahadur Spectre of Crime
Bahadur The Dictates of Destiny
Bahadur The Invisible Saviour
Bahadur The Murderous trio
Bahadur The Mystery of the Headless Ghost
Bahadur The Red Bricks House
Bahadur The Seeds of Poison
Bahadur The White Ghost s Den

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