Chacha chaudhary aur Dehradun express

Chacha chaudhary comics chacha chaudhary aur Dehradun Express 

Chacha chaudhary and his niece Sabo are the main characters of this comics series from Diamond comics drawn by pran this is one of the old comics funny and hilarious. This is one of the early comics from Chacha Chaudhary series, though I have read the comics, I dont seem to remember the story, it has something to do with his watch, where someone tells him that the train is late and you have missed it, but Chacha ji who is the brainiest man in the world does not get fooled and finds his train on time.

The story of this comics revolves around how some thugs try to fool Chacha Chaudhary who always tries to be on time and stays one step ahead of these people who try to fool him. This time they decide that Chacha Chaudhary who is trying to catch a train would get late if they tell him the wrong time. But due to some event Chacha ji is able to catch the train. The comics is quite funny and has several small stories much like other diamond comics you can get it from Diamond comics website.