Google Talk hangs with show current music track Winamp 5.5

By | July 13, 2008

google talk and winamp hangs freezes stuck

At times when you use Gtalk with Winamp 5.5 version and set the current status in GTak to show current music track gtalk freezes. here is a solution to this problem.

Whenever you select the Show my current music track, Google talk either freezes or stops responding. This is actually a technical issue with Google talk or Winamp which is yet to be discovered but many users who have upgraded to Winamp 5.5 are facing this problem, so one of a guy has posted a simple resolution for fixing this bug.

The solution is:

Step 1: Go to the root directory of Winamp where it is installed which is usually in C:Program FilesWinamp

Step 2: Select Tools->Folder Options->View (Tab) and uncheck the hide extensions for known file types and click Ok.

Step 3: Now create an empty file (Right click the mouse -> New -> Text document), so the default file would be like “New Text Document.txt”.

Step4: Rename the above file to “winamp.m3u” and save.

Step5: Close Winamp and Google Talk. Now open again and Your Show Current music track status should work

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