A tribute to her dead husband

By | April 13, 2008

Grave Australia Laurence Matheson's

Here is a true picture of love, a grave on which a woman is sleeping. When he died, his wife commissioned this sculpture, as an expression of her love for him. How far and how great your love can go is depicted in this sculpture made on the grave of Mr. Laurence Matheson (1930 to 1987) in a graveyard in Australia. Her widow asked the artist to make this for her. This sculpture is called Asleep. As you can see the true love never withers away, not even god can separate true lovers. Though we are bound by the laws of mortal live our deeds are what is remembered even after our death.

Laurence Matheson’s Sleeping Widow (1930 to 1987)


This beautiful sculpture is called “Asleep” and was created by artist Peter Shipperheyn upon request by Mr. Matheson’s widow. (Located in Mount Macedon Cemetery, Victoria, Australia, this gravestone features an epic female sculpture entitled “Asleep” .)

Mount Macedon Cemetery
Mount Macedon
Victoria, Australia

picture of women who built her sculpture on her dead husband’s grave as a tribute to her dead husband in a graveyard