Gears of War 2 Walkthrough game cheats

gears of war walkthrough

Gears of War 2 Walkthrough game cheats

Gears of War 2 is a tactical third-person shooter video game developed by Epic Games and published by Microsoft Game Studios exclusively for the Xbox 360. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed best-seller Gears of War, and was announced by lead designer Cliff Bleszinski during the February 20, 2008 Game Developers Conference. The game uses a heavily upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 3. During E3 2008, a worldwide release date for the game was set for November 7, 2008

Here are the cheats and walkthroughs of gears of war 2

Act 1: Ashes – 1. Breakout

When you got control, move up and choose the training path. Go forward after the Y press and pick up COG #1. Go up the stairs, pick up the ammo behind the couch, and then press the button to get out. You need to shoot out both lock things to move on. In the next room is the chance to practice cover. Go into cover and move the Left Stick to see what you can do when you press A. Know the Cover Slip, Cover Swap, Dive From Cover, and Mantle. Also know how to dive, and go ahead and practice aiming and blindfire from cover. Mantle over the slab in the next room and keep going.

Take cover by the doorway and wait for the Drone to reload, then pop out, aim, and fire when he pops out. Y press on your way and get the ammo in the tower. Press the button and then Roadie Run to the door. Follow the path to the room with Frag Grenades. Aim to see how they will bounce. Then go through the door and take cover behind a support. You can blindlob a Frag below, just make sure you don’t aim too close. Use your Frags up and mop up whoever lives. Then go pick up more Frags in the room before you go down to the ground.

Get some Frags in hand and wait next to one of the concrete slabs. Take aim when the Drones are trying to get in. Wait until they finish for like one second, then toss one Frag next to the door. Toss another to kill whoever survives. Don’t worry about Dom, he will revive once you clear the area.

Go to the back of the room and turn right when you reach the turned-over table. Grab COG #2 and the ammo, then continue onwards.

Out the door, go up the steps and turn to the left for COG #3.

Stay up here and flank four Drones shooting at Dom. After the fight is over, leave the prison.

Act 1: Ashes – 2. Crumbling City

Don’t worry about the first enemies, King Raven will do the job. You get the weapon of the game, the Lancer. Weaker than the Hammerburst, but has the cool bayonet you bought this game to use. You have to hold the B button and move toward an enemy to use it. Never toss the Lancer, if you can.

Now go up the stairs and when you round the corner take cover behind the railings in the open. Then blindfire your way to success; there are four Drones to beat, don’t be shy to poke your head out and finish them off.

Pick up COG #4 on the ground across the way (your team tells you).

Pick up the ammo and Frags before the stairs. Go up and watch the scene. After its over, go and pick up the ammo and Frags to the left. Then Roadie Run along the left side of all these pillars to the space between the last and second-to -last pillar, with a Frag in hand. You should see an Emergence Hole begin to open to the right; aim a Frag where the ground shakes to close the hole before it even opens. Then take out the remaining grubs who should be chase by your team. Then pick up the ammo along the wall to fill up.

*Save at least one Frag, and you may as well pick up a Hammerburst.

Follow your team (press Y to locate) and then get ready for about four or so Drones to attack. They may rush, so be ready to practice the chainsaw. Then flank them from the right. After, continue to the gate and go the the left of it for some ammo. Then cross and do the Y press.

Go through the door and go along the left and be ready to toss a Frag to the ground where the statue sits. Plug up that hole quick and then take out the ones who survive. Don’t proceed, instead come back to the door and go straight to mantle over something and reach some ammo and Frags. Then move through the pillars to the other side with a Frag in hand. Once you round the corner of the debris wall, quickly toss a Frag without aiming; if done correctly you will get it through before the pillar falls. If you don’t do it correctly, you most likely will die; if you don’t die, aim a Frag over the slab to close the hole. Kill anyone if they were able to sneak out.

Pick up COG #5 behind the hole.

When you exit the place, turn right and get the Frags and then continue to the dead guys.

Act 1: Ashes – 3. COGs through the Debris

After the scene, run over the area behind the big house-like things. Flank that Troika and the guy behind it; I could kill the guy and then cut the gunner in half. Then keep going until three Drones appear, and just take cover and pick them off one by one. Move up to the fountain area.

Go in only when you have a full four Frags. As soon as you get in, jump back out, and run to the left (facing the way you came). There will be four holes in all, but you can change the order of the first three. From the left you will need to close two holes that pop up in the streets that you came from. Move back from the closest one so that you don’t overthrow it. Then another will pop up where you are standing (oh yeah, make sure you come back to the same spot if the farther-away one opens second). Once the third is plugged, go to the other side of the street (left of the third hole) and plug up the last one before it opens, you may need to run.

Collect Frags and ammo, and then COG #6 in the corner opposite the fourth hole.

Go through the open path and choose the right path. When you reach the hall with the Troika, get out a Frag and get as far up as you can, and then let it go (aim as far as possible). Kill whoever survives (save two Frags) then go man the gun and wait for two Drones to rush. Then go out the door and go to the other side of the room. Stick close to the wall as you make your way into the little room, then run into the other one. Edge out of the doorway and take out the spotter in the broken hole in the wall up above. Then Roadie Run over to the big cylinder thing, and then hide behind the support to the right of the Troika. Get out a Frag and arch it behind the gunner to kill them both. Then waste no time running back into the room with the piano. The E. Hole will open where the piano was, so lob in a Frag. Then come back and fend off what remains of the rush. One last Drones runs from the door behind the Troika. Collect ammo and go through.


Act 1: Ashes – 4. Pound it Out

Get COG #7 by going to the big crack in the road and following it up to the wall behind the white van.

Go forward to the big sandbag and kill the Drone to the right side, but make sure you are out of range of the Troika. A Grenadier will burst from the closed door to the very right. Grenadiers carry Gnashers (shotguns) and can toss Frags at you; they also tend to rush your position. Take him out and then go into the building through his door. Get out a Frag and go through the rubble in the building until you hear a hole open somewhere. It is in a tiny room to the right of the very center of the building (behind the middle door) and you need to lob a Frag inside; you should get a conformation sign from someone telling you that you hit it. Then mop up and collect the Frags and ammo in that room. Fall into the group.

Man the Troika and get ready for a couple of waves of enemies. You don’t have a crosshair, so “zoom” in a bit, fire, and follow the trail of bullets to your enemies. You should be able to tell if you hit. Be sure not to hit your own guys. No sniper. When all is over, follow your team into the door on the right and fight the Grenadier and Drones. You can pick up the Gnasher, but I don’t like it so I won’t tell you to. Go through the door when it opens.

Follow the pack to the fallen soldier. From above, take out the two Drones in the doorway across the way on the ground. Pick up the ammo to the left of the ledge and go down there to kill one Drone. After the scene, pick up the full- ammo crate and Frags if needed then follow your new teammate.

In the big hall, go to the left and look behind some tomb-like thing for COG #8.

Go to the door and look back to where the COG tag was and be ready to meet the Wretches. Wretches are fast and small, but they only have a little bit of life. Watch the ceilings and you will be fine. Save the ammo til the end. Take out a whole bunch from the first side and then focus all your fire behind you when you hear they are coming. Melee if needed. After, pick up the full-ammo crate and go through the door.

Swap the Hammerburst for the Hammer of Dawn near the corpse. This part is important to cheating the game. Go to the window that is closest to the door and near the corpse. Get right next to the wall and look out the window to get just a peek at the Seeder’s legs. Aim the Hammer on the legs and hold down on the Right Trigger until the beam of energy stops. Then do it one more time to kill the beast. Now come outside and focus fire on the enemies across the drawbridge. You can’t plug up the hole, but try your best to kill the guys with the Hammer to save ammo. Go across and follow the path.

When you get into the other side of the big hall where you met the Wretches, inch your way into the doorway just enough to get a read on the Seeder in the open. Don’t go out the doorway or you will come under attack. It may be hard, but keep the laser sight steady as you eventually get two blasts off; best to do when he is standing still, then aim for his nose area. Then go out and go to the left and ready yourself for a bunch of Wretches and a Drone. After you and your squad handle them, go through the doorway.

Act 1: Ashes – 5. Saviors

Grab the ammo on the ledge, and then come back and go down the steps. Be ready to catch two Wretches on the bottom. Go past the dead Seeder to the church room for a fight. Stay behind a pillar and blindfire. Follow the beaten path to the dead Alpha member.

COG #9 is to the right of the steps and in a little crevice.

Keep onwards and take out two Drones who attack you when you exit the room with the huge statue; the couches provide some cover. Bring out the Hammer and do your quick work on the Seeder, then take cover, pop up after some time, and then finish it off. Grab the ammo crate and go back to the last room. Look to the door and get a Frag in hand. Go to the left side of the door and get ready to lob a Frag inside. Then bring out the Lancer and finish them off; Grenadiers will rush if they aren’t killed in the blast.

Keep onwards, picking up ammo along the way, until you reach the concrete slab; ignore the Boltok, unless you really want it, it really doesn’t matter. Don’t forget that some objects can be broken with the chainsaw. When you see more enemies in a room, take cover and make sure you kill the rushing Grenadier. Don’t go into the big hallway. Instead, peek through the doorway to another doorway on the side and Roadie Run to it. Go up the steps and get ready for some Wretches and a Drone. Keep going and then sneak up on the gunner; please cut him in half, for me. Then man the gun and get ready for Wretches to pour from where you came from; divide your fire between top and bottom.

Keep going, don’t turn right at the end of the hall, and go down the stairs. You can either shoot the guys in the room down here from the stairs, or you can go down and flank them from the left or behind. Then fill up on ammo and then follow your team to the round room. Go up the big stairs and sneak up on the gunner; then man the gun. Hope your team handles the Nemacyst and then just pick off each Drone from above. They spawn from under the tree and behind the big rock-like thing. Just be patient and you can kill them all. Watch the scene.

Act 1: Ashes – 6. Big Momma

Go around the corner and peek into the fires for COG #10.

*Have the Lancer in hand.

Go around the other way and pass the room into the hall. She breaks in through the wall when you try to leave the little hall. Go up, stay in the center of the hall, and dive when she dashes toward you and get out into the next room. Make a dash to the door at the end, turn around, rev up the chainsaw, stay right in front of the door, and then dive when she is right next to you. Move back into the room and lead her out of the doorway, then run through once it is open. Make sure you lead her all the way with you so she doesn’t get stuck in an infinite loop with Dom. Go into the next room with a door and do what you did before, just less space. Keep bringing her to avoid the loop and then run into the last room with a door.

Go the the corner on the left of the door and quickly pick up COG #11.

Repeat the luring and get outside.

Go to the left again and search behind the lamp in the corner for COG #12.

Whip out the Hammer and drop it. You will have to dive out of the way when she hears you charging it up, but if you get some space between you two, you should get in a good hit. Just like the Seeders, two hits and she’s KIA.