How to create filters on gmail and yahoo email id


Due to increase in the number of spam messages it has become an arduous task for us to distinguish a relevant mail from an spam email. If you are expecting mails from a certain personal to show up seperately both yahoo and gmail have filters to assist you in doing so.

Here are the instructions on how to setup filters on yahoo email


yahoo filters


  • Open your yahoo email ID. Go to Options > filters > Add.

yahoo filters

  • Now give the filter name as Group and in the subject line write/copy paste (so that you don’t make mistake) ditto and then Move the message to ‘ To new folder. Give the name of new folder as . Save.

yahoo filters

This way all the group mails will automatically go in this folder leaving your inbox free for your personal/official mails.


gmail filters

Similarly if you wish to know how to setup filters in gmail for emails then here are the instructions

  • Open your ID. Go to settings > filters > create new filter. In the subject carefully write .
  • Now click ‘next step . Select the boxes ‘skip the inbox archive it’.
  • And apply the label. From choose label click new. Now give the label name as .

Now select the box apply filter to conversations. Now click create filter. This way all the group mails will automatically go in this filter leaving your inbox free for ur personal/official mails.