How to delete a blog on blogger

I found this article on one of the blogs I hope it proves useful to users visiting my site

How to delete a blog

I have been doing some research into blog deletions and deletions in general. I have found that there are many blogs that are in a state of a more serious need of deletion than my blog can ever hope to achieve. Some of them are true Behemoths (Yes, I am talking to you, Instapundit!) and some are, well, as obscure as our blog. (Just click on the Next Blog button above at the NavBar.) And some are just plain incomprehensible.

Since my blog has its ultimate destruction written on its forehead, its very existence is rooted in the essence of blogger temporality, I know what to do and when and how to do it. But others, it seems, don’t. So here is a little how-to-do-list for all of you purge-craving bloggers.

How to delete your blog? It is very easy.

  1. Sign in at
  2. Click on your blog, this being the blog you wish to obliterate
  3. Click on Settings in your blog menu


  1. Here you have to scroll down until you see a blue button reading Delete This Blog
  2. Without any hesitation push the Delete This Blog button
  3. Smile and say: “Goodbye and Good Riddance!”
  4. Enjoy

There, much better, isn’t it? And remember to write this down somewhere, because by the time you look here again, this blog will probably be already deleted


Scroll down and there is a blog delete key in settings link at bottom of the page

enjoy !

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