Mobile Number Portability starts in India

The days of poor customer service are gone because now all the mobile companies will be on their toes to provide you efficient services and full attention. With the heating competition the consumers are now empowered by the service called Mobile Number Portability. The service was announced by the government on Wednesday. Here are some of the common questions that will come to your mind when thinking about this new service.
What is  mobile number portability ?
The Mobile Number Portability will allow users to switch from any of their current service provider to a new one, without changing their number so if my number 9999222200 and I am Vodafone customer, I can switch to Airtel without changing my number.

Will the technology switch too ?
The customers can change their current GSM/CDMA numbers to CDMA or GSM according to their will. They can also convert their pre paid to post paid etc. Both post-paid & prepaid subscribers can use it

How many days will it take to change the service provider ?
Usually it will take seven working days. Fifteen days in J&K , North-east

What will be the cost of Mobile Number Portability ?
This cheap process will cost you a minor Rs19, to be collected by new service provider

Can you change city or state/circle of your number ?
No. Currently you cannot change circles under this service.

How frequently can you switch service providers?
A subscriber must be with a provider for at least three months.

To switch, send the following text PORT mobile number to 1900.

You’ll get an eight-digit alphanumeric code and expiry date for it. This is the unique porting code.

Approach service provider you have opted for with unique code. Carry address & ID proof/ photograph/ application form with unique code & mobile number. Complete this process within the expiry date that came with unique code.

Operator will take request to mobile portability clearing house. Clearing house will get your number deactivated from existing provider and activate new one.

You’ll then get text from new provider mentioning date & time when phone will go through a no-service period.

This is when switching of service providers will happen. Phone will be out of use for couple of hours — between 12pm and 5am.

Source:- The Times of India