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The year 2012 will be a mixed year for Taurus sign. According to the astrological predictions for Taurus in 2012. Tarus people will be able to complete their pending issues, the year 2012 will be good for them both financialy and professionaly. Your decision making abilities will assist you in your work and family. Your family will celebrate some memorable functions in this period.

Career and Financial gains for Taurus in 2012
The main planets who will be helpful for Taurus in 2012 will be Saturn and Jupiter, they will provide good results. Jupiter’s transit through the Aries Sign till 17th May 2012 Jupiter will give you mixed results for professional and financial matters. There will be unnecessary travels in this period, which will be related to your professional field. Your expenses will increase.
On 17th May 2012 Jupiter will enter in Taurus sign this will be very good transit for you. There might be major positive changes in your professional life. This will alow the inflow of money back into your pocket. This will be the right time if you wish to buy property, vechile or any other such thing.

Saturn which is your lord for luck and career is in Libra throughout this year. Though your career will continue to move on a steady pace. There will be strong influnces and changes in your career during this time. You will get some good career opportunities. You will notice some positive changes. This will also be good year for businessmen, if you wish to start some new ventures or investments it will be fruitful for you. Placement of the Rahu is the 1st house and ketu in the 7th house will create some problem in professional matters. You will have some dispute with college/partners/associates. You should manage your account carefully.

Love, family and Social life for Taurus in 2012
This year will be a mixed bag for your personal and family life as well. There will be some misunderstandings, small disputes with your spouse, so you need to be careful. They unmarried natives will get some good marriage proposals from 17 May 2012 onwards. On the other hand in the social life, you need to avoid arguments with your colleagues and at work place.

Education and Travel for Taurus in 2012 Predictions
For students there may be hurdles till May 2012, under Taurus Sun sign. Students will lack concetration and will feel laziness when it will come to studies. Though after 17 May 2012, students will perform better. Still hard work will be the key to success throughout the year for Taurus.
This year will be good for travel. If you are looking for overseas assignment then this year will good for you. People are born in this sign may visit may religious places in this year.

Health Prediction for Taurus in 2012
Health will not be a matter of concern for Taurus signed people as Saturn placed in the 6th house will overcome the disease. However rheumatic pains, joint pains and back pain will worry you. One thing that will worry you most is stress. Stressing yourself without reason will upset your health. You should avoid stress and spend some time on entertainment and yoga.

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