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Taurus Horoscope

Taurus is the second sign in the astrological chart and is depicted by the zodiac symbol of a bull. The people born between 19th April and 20th May are ruled by Taurus sign. Here is a 2013 astrological prediction for Taurus, giving yearly horoscope for love, career, family and financial advice.
The year 2013 will be a year of creativity for Taurus people, which will play a major role in their life and help them achieve their goals. This year will prove more peaceful for you and your dedication towards God will increase specially during the middle of this year, though it will fade away as the year comes to an end.

There will be comfort and luxury added to your life in this year of 2013.
This will be a great year for financial increments, and overall status of your life. A great year for all Taurus people.

Love Horoscope for Taurus in 2013

Success will come to you in this year of 2013 which means you will work hard and come close to others through this. You might get inclined towards things and people whom you shouldn’t be attached to and would wish to get it at any cost. During the month of Feb and March someone special might come close to you. Do not be rude or mistreat any one within your family.
Those who are suffering from broken marriages and hearts may find new love or a spouse for their future. Marriage is not the thing Taureans are known for if they get married they might find themselves attracted to someone else. Keeping a marriage intact is an arduous task for them. Keeping your relationship intact is your first and foremost duty, you may receive some surprise gifts from your loved ones and relatives. Stay away from people who are all talk and no work. Friends may seek your advice in personal matters. The month of October or September may lead to an end in a relationship which was going good until now. The month of December or November will be a good time to find new love and entering conjugal bliss.

Finance, Work, Career and Professional Life for Taurus in 2013

There will be good news and positive signs from the career perspective in the year 2013 for all you Taureans. This will be a  great opportunity to rise and shine. Your colleagues and people at work will be help you in the time of need. Institutions will be reliable and will be helpful in 2013. Institutions will be correct and will take them long way. It is important that you do full research and proper study before seeking a new opportunity. Partnerships might not prove fruitful this year.
On the other hand the professional life will be progressive but you need to be calm and composed specially when dealing with your seniors at workplace. New challenges needs to be harnessed carefully.
On the financial front this year will prove to be fruitful and will bring you big financial gains. There will be a good chance that you might inherit some ancestral property by the end of this year. Also car, property, house, land could come to you. There will be an increase in your bank account. Though you should refrain from over spending as the early part of this year you will have restrained money in your account. Also the chances that you will over spend this year are high. This can be curbed by limiting the amount of spending you will have luck by your side, which will help you can extra income and new business options. New existing skill sets will help you accumulate more wealth. A great year from financial prospect for Taureans as their horoscope predicts good news in financial matters.

Travel Horoscope

Travel will be in your cards during this year. This will be both professional as well as educational travel for students. Though unexpected events may happen during these travels. Hence being careful and vigilant will ensure your safety. According to some astrologers if these trips are not planned well they might not prove satisfactory. So planning is an important part of your travel, ensure that your schedule is not hectic and unexpected trips should be enjoyed, as it will help you in release the work stress.

Health Horoscope for Taurus in 2013

There is an old saying health is wealth, a good health will ensure that you keep running towards your goals at an unstoppable pace throught the year. But according to the cards, you will face few unwanted health issues due to negligence and improper habits. Though rest of the year will great and you will be charged and active all along.
Those Taureans who do not follow a healthy lifestyle may suffer the negative effects of it. You need to pay attention to hygience and cleanliness, on the other hand work and pleasure demand seperate attention do not over do things and end up getting tired. You may develop low immununity if you do not follow a healthy diet. A well balanced diet and a good exercise regime will ensure your health and prosperity throughout the year. Anger is the worst enemy so try not to let it consume you.

Some positive traits of Taurus include, determined, punctual, productive, generous, creative, warm hearted, dependable etc. While the negative traits area, argumentative, self indulgent, lustful, obstinate.

Some recommended Vedic pujas include

1. Sarv Graha Puja
2. Shani Puja
3. Ganapati Puja

Wear a pure gold ring in the left hand ring finger.

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