Will the world end tomorrow a new discussion

Will the world end tomorrow a new discussion


The world destroyed by water illustation in bible Will the world end tomorrow will the earth perish some claims my words A new discussion has struck the Tv channels across India who are trying to just make money. The claims that the earth will end tomorrow. As if humans are mere insects who will terminate in a second. The main idea of the news channels is to gain attention of the viewers be it Aaj Tak, IBN 7 or Tez sabse tez channel. Their claims that the world will end tomorrow is not backed up by scientific proves, so I don’t think we need to worry much about it.


Here are some of the claims

The world will end because of a natural disaster :– So we haven’t perished since last so many years now all of a sudden we will perish because of a some natural disaster we faced, katrina we faced Tsunami, just a small flood in Bihar will this mean we are dead. If we are so worried about natural Calamities why dont we start planting trees, why are we destroying forests and creating tons of mineral waste and pollution everyday. For a natural calamity to occur earth really needs to shake up. Because during the normal revolution and rotation of earth there has been no disturbance in the climate as of now. Apart from the ice which is melting in the artics. Even the ozone hole has been patched.

World War 3 Biological war:- This is another factor which has been raising ground and has always been a matter of discussion among people. Will the next world war ever occur we can not deny the fact that it will occur, but if you are an Indian. You don’t need to worry with about 20 nuclear missiles and other gadgets in the army I think we can sleep save our army, the air force, the military and the navy hats off to them works day and night to keep us safe from our enemies.

Rise of machines:- Some crazy experiment will go mad. Another common myth which is popular among the non educated people is that machines will some day go mad and will conquer us. I being an IT engineer and having some knowledge of Artificial Intelligence as a subject. I think we still need to do a lot of work before we can clone or make a human substitute no robot has yet came close to accquiring human abilities of thinking generating love and affection or anger for that matter. We all play video games if we play a latest video game we will come to know how far ai of a robot or machine can reach. I myself have defeated many game characters in the recent years. So this theory seems to be doubtful that some machine will take over the world.

Religious Apocalypse:- Many ancient books like the Hindu scriptures believe that a new avatar of lord Vishnu will appear and save the earth from final destruction, similar versuses can be found in quran and other holy books where a scene of Noah’s arc is said to be reoccur. If you ask me about these religious apocalypse I personally believe that if god has to come again and take over the world I will be the most happy person. For years scientist’s have failed to prove the existence of god. If a scenario of this kind occurs atleast we will be able to see god and we will be assured that where ever we go after this life god will take care of us. May god bless you all.

Time Travel Error:- We have to make such a discovery, if an error in time travel occurs it should only have impacts on the machine and the person incharge of it. Why would it ever impact the earth, the theory of time travel has no concreate evidence yet. If we come close to defeating time we will first try to reach the stars which are million years away from us and the journey which takes years will now because of time travel wont age the astronaut. Besides, we didnt hear any claims from Japan or America of any such experiments yet. America is busy in elections while Japan is busy making Nintendo Wiiiiiii.

Threat from outer space:- A possiblity that a meteorite will stike earth and we will be doomed is long been said story by astronomers it can be true it can be false also. Think of our earth as one of the planets in the solar system with the size of earth. You are a small magnet which pulls other bodies because of its gravitational pull. For earth to be completely destroyed an asteroid of the size of earth is needed. If an asteoroid of that size comes near earth it will first be pulled by sun rather then by earth. Sun has its own gravitational pull which is much stronger then that of the earth. Same goes for other planets like jupiter and Saturn which are bigger planets. This theory might come true as there are many meteorites that strike earth every sunday. Still to be completely destroyed we need a real big planetary body. Besides we can trust america in the space, their people at Nasa are always attentive and keep an eye on the space any thing suspecious and they can launch a missile from their backyard to destroy the heavenly body in outerspace.

So now that all claims of Will the earth end has been reviewed we can now go back to work and begin our normal lives even if we were to die tomorrow we have 24 hours left may be can become a millionare in that short period of time so work hard enjoy life don’t pay attention to stupid news channels they can do anything to increase their TPR ratings.

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