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Check your hairs health

These days due to abundance in pollution our hairs get damaged a lot, specially girls and women because of their long hairs. Here are some things to check if your hairs are healthy or not along with some remedy.

Marriage gives psychological boost to the depressed

Feeling depressed get married. At least this is what a new study quoted by suggests. But it also concludes that marriage even if ‘so-so’ gives a greater psychological boost to the depressed than to the happy people. Previous studies, the website says, have suggested that the psychological perks of marriage depend upon marriage quality… Read More »

Tips to wear high heels without pain

High heel sandals may look pretty but with regular use can cause pain in your legs and bums. Though heels are related to several health issues, your love for high heel sandals may never fade so here are some tips to help you walk straight and wear them with comfort.

What to talk on dates

If you’ve recently re-entered the dating pool, odds are your skills at making first-date conversation are a bit rusty. Unsure of whether topics like your ex, your kids or your divorce are safe or better kept under wraps? Let these seasoned divorced daters’ tips provide you with some road-tested first-date talking points.

The diet that makes you look younger

The diet plays a great role in your looking young. An adequate diet prevents you not only from falling ill but also from looking old. Let us see some wonderful ways in which a healthy diet helps us look young and beautiful. Skin: Mostly your skin is the perfect mirror to your age. As you… Read More »

Am I divorced Or just single does it matter

I’ve spent my entire adult life filling out forms. From doing grocery-store club cards to driver’s-license renewals to doctor-office intakes, I’ve become a pro at completing those small spaces with my perfect block handwriting: Middle Initial—G, Hair Color—Red, Allergies—Penicillin. But it wasn’t until after my divorce that I noticed something very peculiar as I sat… Read More »

Denim gets a leg up

They come in all colours and are worn by all ages. One can wear them on any occasion, at any place and any time. They are the good old denims, the ‘Holy Grail’ of fashion…With more young people willing to spend far more on their jeans, denim brands are on a roll.