Tips to wear high heels without pain

By | May 12, 2008

High heel sandals may look pretty but with regular use can cause pain in your legs and bums. Though heels are related to several health issues, your love for high heel sandals may never fade so here are some tips to help you walk straight and wear them with comfort.

1) You should change the height of the heels often in a day so the legs don’t feel tensed and the blood circulation is well maintained in the legs. While wearing high heels most of your weight lands on your toes.


2) Make sure your shoes do not have any thing pointing so they hurt you while walking.

3) Heels are delicate

1. “Change heel heights several times a day. Feet and legs shouldn’t be allowed to mold themselves to any one shoe shape.”
2. “Shoes are an emotional accessory; hurt your feet, hurt your feelings.”
3. “Befriend a salesperson who will tell you if a shoe will actually feel as good as it looks.”
4. “If you feel all the weight in the front of your foot, this heel’s your arch enemy — literally.”
5. “Your foot needs to ‘sit’ in a shoe. If you can wedge two fingers between your sole and the shoe — bye-bye!”
6. “Platforms should be no more than one-and-a-half inches high — or you’re dangling off a cliff.”
7. “Think Cinderella: A heeled shoe must fit perfectly. Faking it with the wrong size will get ugly.”
8. “Don’t shoe shop with swollen feet — e.g., when it’s hot or right after exercise.”
9. “To elongate your legs, ankle straps should sit above the ankle bone.”
10. “Still wobbling when you walk in your heels? Practice!”

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