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By | May 12, 2008

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Tulsi Comics was an Indian Comics Publication in the late 80s and early 90s. It was the comic devision of Tulsi Pocket Books, a popular publishers of Hindi novels in India. Though backed by an established and vast customer base of the novel, Tulsi comics never achieved high success as they lacked in quality and were not up to the standards of Diamond Comics, Raj Comics or Manoj Comics, and finally shut down.

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Tausi Paris Main Hungama
Tausi Sheshnaag.cbz
Tausi G18
Tausi Makda
Tausi Giddh ka Insaaf
Tausi Badla
Tausi Kangaroo ka Tilisma
Tausi Do Quaidi
Tausi Jadugar Munda
Tausi Tausi ka Jadu
Tausi Mahabali Tausi
Tausi Tausi ka Dharmyudh
Tausi Tausi The Great
Tausi Jugnu
Tausi Shikako
Tausi Saanpnath Nagnath
Tausi Apsara ka Jaal
Tausi Apsara ka Apaharan
Tausi Tausi aur Tantrik
Tausi Apsara ki Atma
Tausi Jugnu ka Insaaf

Apsara ka Apharan
Apsara ka Jaal
Apsara ki Atma
Do Qaidi
Giddh Ka Insaaf
Jugnu ka Insaaf
Kangaroo Ka Tilism
Mahabali Tausi
Paris mein Hungama
Sanpnath Nagnath
Tausi aur G18
Tausi aur Jadugar Munda
Tausi aur Jugnu
Tausi aur Makda
Tausi aur Sheshnaag
Tausi aur Tantrik
Tausi Ka Dharmyudh
Tausi ka Jadoo
Tausi ki Pretatma
Tausi The Great

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