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Naveen comics is one of the lesser known hindi comics. There was a time in the 80’s and 90’s when the comics were at its peak. Publications with some good stories like Naveen comics had come up and gone because of lack of marketing. Only good marketing and super heroes like those in raj and Manoj comics could survive the competition. Here is a comics from old Naveen comics which is no more published. Akal Ka Kamal is a funny comics.

These are some rare oldHindi comics which never made it to the main stream market as other comics. This was due to the poor drawing and easy going stories. Also marketing prevented these comics from reaching the readers. For those who have these comics its a rare gem for them because most of these comics were sold in junk and might have been recycled by now if you wish to read them I would suggest you goto the web and start searching for them in Google. I will share the story of this comics soon.

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