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By | May 29, 2012

I was surfing the web when I came across a Billoo comics on Google books, which reminded me of my childhood. Billoo aur sair sapata is the story of Billu going on a ride in a car with his friends Joji and Gabdu, they both are his child hood friends and classmates, what happens on the trip that you need to know after reading the comics. Billoo is a funny character from Diamond comics. Billoo is a naughty neighbourhood boy who loves doing menace. But he has a good heart and helps people at times. His funny acts make us laugh. Billoo is loved by people of all ages. Diamond comics usually have small stories so they are very popular among kids. Diamond comics even has serials and tv shows like Chacha Chaudhary which were on air on Sahara channel earlier. Surely Diamond comics is one of the biggest Hindi comics sellers in India.

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  1. Arpit Bhargav

    We are team Diamond Comics India, We can see our books are available for read on your website
    We have no contract and agreement with you to make our comics books available online. Under the copyright act we are filing a legal sue on if the display / online read is not stop immediately.
    We are also filing the case in cyber cell for infringe of our Intellectual Property.

    Team Diamond Comics

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