Crookbond aur Pyramid ka kaidi Manoj comics

Crookbond aur Pyramid ka Kaidi

Crookbond is a funny secret agent from Manoj comics he has great humour filled comics, his brother Motu fights along with him to solve criminal and detective cases. Crookbond’s father is a Police Constable and thinks the two are wasting time. Crookbond has a future car which is filled with gadgets and helps them in fighting crime

Crookbond fights crime in his city with his cousin and super car. His father Dhamaka Singh is a police constable and hates seeing his son running around the city and not doing any job.

The story starts with Trikaaldev and Jadugar Baunaram enetering the scene. Trikaldev is a super hero from Manoj comics who has met Crookbond earlier in the comics, Dracula ka pret jaal and Kaali Khopdi.

The story starts where Trikaal Dev is called by Crookbond so they can go back in time and save the person who is trapped in the pyramid. The first part of the story Super Crookbond you have read that Crookbond and his brother Motu had brought an old box from an antique shop which allowed them to go back in time and find out the story of an old king who is trapped in the pyramid by his son named Titonia. Crookbond along with his brother goes back in time and fights many bad guys finally to meet Titonia. His powers are too strong for Crookbond, when all of a sudden they see a magical sword enter the scene. This chops of the villain in half. They then realize it was Trikaaldev. The day ends on a happy note and the old king is saved. If you get your hands on this comics you must give it a try. This is a two part story.