Diamond Comics Download Mama Bhanja Aur Bhains Ki Punch

Mama bhanja comics diamond comics

Mama Bhanja aur Bhains ki poonch is a old comics from Diamond comics publications. Diamond comics has been in the market since about 30 years, it is probably one of the oldest and most famous comics publications in India. Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo and Pinki are some of the famous heroes from Diamond comics. These comics were drawn by Pran who has won several awards. Here is one of the old comics. Now Mama Bhanja comics are not available in market any more.

Most of the Diamond comics were funny and filled with humour, apart from Fauladi Singh, Agniputra Abhay and some other heroes most of the comics were away from action. These were very popular among kids, but with the advent of computers and internet the young generation is losing interest in comics. Not only these comics were a great way to enjoy but were nice way to learn Hindi language.

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