Hawaldar bahadur comics collection

hawaldar bahadur comics

Hawaldar bahadur comics collection | all comics cbr 10 MB each

Hawaldar bahadur is a funny comics character from manoj comics who though is stupid and dumb in himself still manages to find the thieves and catch criminals. If there was an award for the most funny comics character Hawaldar Bahadur would have left everyone behind his comics were completely awesome and will keep you engaged till the last page, much like other Manoj comics characters due to weak marketing these comics were closed in the early 2000’s. I still happen to have the last set of Hawaldar Bahadur which was published by them, it has Jal jeevra, Paijama Party, Ut Utaiya, Sh sh sh koi hai, Sultan Bin Sultan etc. The most strong part of Hawaldar Bahadur comics was his ability to make the readers laugh, the story used to run around some mysterious crime in the city which most apparently he was given to solve. Though he is scared of many things but when it comes to catching bad guys our hero is the first one.

Since Manoj comics are no longer in publication, if you happen to own a few Hawaldar Bahadur comics I guess you should keep it tight with yourself.

People are selling comics at very expensive rates online so don’t be fooled by them. You can rather read them online from some website. I guess the reason for the fall of Manoj comics was that they did not give free stuff like stickers and posters as Raj comics did, also their comics had too many parts so if you read one comics you had to follow it in the next as well, which made it tough for the readers to carry along.

1.James bond ka Baap Hawaldar Bahadur

2. Hawaldar Bahadur aur Taskar Kaliya

3. Hawaldar Bahadur aur Kankata Dacait

Hawaldar Bahadur aur Teen tilange

Hawaldar Bahadur aur Bangadu kotawal

Hawaldar bahadur aur Andhe ke Hath Bater

hawaldar bahadur comics andhe ke haath bater


Hawaldar Bahadur aur Gabbar singh

hawaldar bahadur aur gabbar singh


1.Manoj comics Hawaldar Bahadur aur gutke nawab


2. Manoj comics Crookband – Koral ke ladaake

3. Manoj comics crookband – trigitmooth
4. Manoj Comics crookband – japuka ke shaitaan
5. Manoj comics Crookband – vilayati jasoos

6. Manoj comics Crookband – pret mandli

7. Manoj comics Crookband – mj crook bond

8. Manoj comics Crookband – murde ka plan

9. Manoj comics Crookband – lutera crook bond
10.Manoj comics Crookbond – bhik do dua lo

11. Manoj comics Crookbond -morden jassos krook bond(first comics of krook bond)

12. Manoj comics Crookband – darmaster
13. Manoj comics Hawaldar Bahadur – Uut ka put

14. Manoj comics Hawaldar Bahadur – ut utaia

download here or download here

15. Manoj comics Dr. SUPDA – Hawaldaar Bahadur

13 comics of Hawaldar bahadur Manoj comicsgreat superhero
Hawaldar bahadur aur bhota bhaadhawaldar bahadur aur kana jadugarhawaldar bahadur aur karamati bakra

hawaldar bahadur aur shhhhhh koi hai

hawaldar bahadur aur ten telenge

hawaldar bahadur aur tunda tu

Hawaldar Bahadur aur 6 shernia

Hawaldar Bahadur aur bangdu kotwaal

Hawaldar Bahadur aur jinn ki anguthi

Hawaldar Bahadur aur sultan sullan

Hawaldar Bahadur aur ut utiyaa

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