Khalnayak Mahanayak Bhokal Gojo Ashwaraj Multistar comics

Khalnayak is an old rare comics from Raj comics in which the three super heroes from old times, meet up to fight the villains and devils. Gojo, Ashwaraj, and Bhokal are the stars of this comics. A devil has gathered some huge weapons and wishes to be the king of the world. He is destroying all the kingdoms that are coming in his way. See how our super stars manage to save their lives and those of the innocents in this two part comic series. This comics had the size of a register. Gojo and Ashwaraj comics are no more published. Check the two parts of the comics Khalnayak Part 1 and Mahanayak Part 2.

Khalnayak Comics

Khalnayak is part 1 of the comics, where all the devils line up to rule the world and prove who is the strongest of them all. The devils kidnap girls of these heroes.

Mahanayak Comics Part 2

In the second part of the comics the heroes join hands and save their beloved ones from the hands of these devils.