Manoj comics vintage comics collection

manoj comics vintage collection

Manoj comics were published during 80-90’s and were loved by all its readers. But it could not withstand the rising competition and hence were lost in the pages of history. The primary reason I think why they went out of market was they had too many heroes and they never focused on any one. Apart from that they had parts in their comics. Still Ram Rahim and Hawaldar Bahadur were the best characters they had. Here are some rare comics

2 Foot ki Rajkumari


Chamatkari taweez

Chamatkari taweez

2 mantrik

2 Maantrik


heron ki pahadi

Heron Ki Pahadi
Jaado Ka Danda

Jaado Ka Danda

mahabali shera murdo ka khazana

Mahabali Shera aur Murdon ka Khazana