Nagraj comics collection 2


Nagraj comics collection 2 has lots of nagraj comics from comics 20-40 are here earlier comics are posted on Nagraj is the raj comics first hero is very famous, among kids check out his comics. Here is Nagraj Comics collection 3, this was the period which saw most of the digest comics. Probably the first digest comics of Nagraj came in this time. It was Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv. Read these amazing Nagraj comics or download from the Rajcomics store.

Taj mahal ki chori Nagraj

lal maut nagraj

Lal maut Nagraj

Nagraj does to a gulf country probably Arab where people are scare of this creature called Lal Maut, a villain puts Nagraj close to this creature whom Nagraj defeats by biting with his venomous teeth.


Nagraj aur kaboki ka khazana ==> kabooki or kabuki whatever ==>

nagraj aur Thodanga

Nagraj aur Thodanga

This is the first collision between Nagraj and Thodanga where Thodanga is defeated temporarily and later he is killed in the other comics. Thodanga has the tribal people and animals under his control.

nagraj aur tufan zu

Nagraj aur Tufan ju
Nagraj fights this powerful duo while he is on his visit to China, Tufan gets his power from the belt which he is wearing and becomes strong where as Ju is a fast there is also a third or the main villain who is controlling the both of them, read the comics to know more.

Nagraj aur jadu ka sehanshah

nagraj aur Ajgar ka tufaan
Nagraj aur Ajgar ka tufaan

Ajgar is shown as a powerful villain he and his minions are causing trouble in the world. Nagraj with the help of his friends like Saudangi fights him to put an end to his evil ambitions to conquer the world.

nagraj aur bakora ka jadu
Nagraj aur bakora ka jadu

Bakora is a evil horseman who is killing people see how Nagraj will put an end to this monster.

Piramido ki Rani nagraj
Piramido ki Rani nagraj

Priamido Ki Rani was a complex comics for a mind of mine, I read it when I was too young. The story is about Saudangi who is the queen in Egypt and Nagraj fights and later takes her as one of her friends.

nagraj aur Mr. 420
Nagraj aur Mr 420

Don’t really remember the story of this comics, but Nagraj had fought some powerful villains in this comics while he was around the world reducing the crime.

thodanga ki Maut

Thodanga ki Maut

Thodanga who had been living in the jungles of Assam was finally killed by Nagraj. As most his villains that Nagraj fought used to face death. The comics has good action, though Thodanga later comics to life in a few Bheriya and Uncle Pret comics.

Nagraj aur Bem bem bigelo
Nagraj aur Bem bem bigelo

Bam Bam Bigelo is a guy made of rubber he and his gang of evil men are killing people, see how Nagraj manages to fight this villain.

Nagraj aur super commando Dhruv
Nagraj aur super commando Dhruv

This is also one of those classic digest comics from old Raj comics era. You will love the story of this comics, the villains who keep on coming have different abilities and Nagraj moves on in stages in order to reach Miss Killer who is the final enemy in the comics.

Nagina ka jaal
Nagina Ka Jaal

Nagina first made her appearance in this comics. She unites the 3 powerful beast communities and makes a powerful enemy, Nagraj takes help of his friends Panjnaag in order to fight these powerful magical creatures and Mabikena.

Nagraj aur bugaaku
Nagraj aur Bugaaku

Nagraj and Bugaaku is a digest comics where Miss Killer brings a powerful Samurai warrior to life with the help of Thodanga. See how Super Commando Dhruv and Nagraj manage to defeat this beast in the amazing comics.

Phir aaya naagdant
Phir aaya Naagdant

Nagdant is also one of the big enemies of Nagraj who has not been killed yet. Naagdant who is made by Professor Nagmani has similar powers as that of Nagraj.

Nagraj aur nagina
Nagraj aur Nagina

Joining the gang of female villains is one the biggest female enemy of Nagraj, Nagina. She is also from Nagdweep and knows powerful magic, she had earlier given earlier given Nagraj a hard time in the comics Nagina ka Jaal. Where Nagraj was helped by his friends.

nagraj aur Miss killer
Nagraj aur Miss Killer

This is the first encounter of Nagraj with Miss Killer in a single comics. Earlier Nagraj had faced him in Nagraj and Super Commando Dhruv comics, where he had to fight several of her gang members, Miss Killer uses science to fight Nagraj see how Nagraj tries to over come this female villain.

Nagraj aur Tutantu
Nagraj aur Tutentu

Tutentu is a villain of Nagraj comics who is shown to be immortal never before have I read such an amazing story. Tutentu steals diamonds, he decides that the biggest diamond which is at Nagdweep should be stolen, he captures Visarpi see how Nagraj manages to defeat and kill this immortal villain in this Nagraj comics Collection

nagraj aur Adrishya hatyara
Nagraj aur Adrishya hatyara

There is an invisible person who is doing crime and Nagraj has to find him and defeat him before he kills more innocent people.

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