Namard Doga Diaries 2 Doga Comics Download Raj Comics Set 2 of 2012

Namard Doga Diaries 2 which is a Doga comics from Sanjay Gupta ji has been published. It is available for download on Raj Comics, store. The stories in Doga Diaries comics is a collection of short stories of Doga. As you are aware that Doga is action hero who is brutal on his enemies and people who do not follow law are usually not forgiven by him. Here are some untold stories from Doga comics.Doga is a Raj comics action hero from hindi comics, his abilities include talking to Dogs, and his own human strength. He uses his guns and weapons quite efficiently. Thus defeating his enemies with sheer power and mind. Some of his arch enemies are Kaal Paheliya,Kilotarakes, Halkan Singh,Golden Killer,Bihari Bhai,bulldog Ohanton,Raat Ki Rani

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